Pac Letter Ingrid

Ingrid Anderson, RN

Thank you for asking your legis­la­tors to pass HB 1715, which would give nurses uninter­rupted meal and rest breaks, during the 2018 legisla­tive session. We were so close to passing this bill — help us take the next step to pass this bill in the 2019 session by making a contri­bu­tion to the WSNA-PAC to help elect candi­dates who are pro-patient safety and pro-nurse. You can easily donate online.

As a member of the WSNA-PAC Board, I joined other board members (all nurses who volun­teer to serve in this role!) to person­ally inter­view more than 35 candi­dates this spring. During these inter­views, we had the oppor­tu­nity to share our experi­ences working without meal and rest breaks. Then we listened to the candi­dates, answered their questions and ensured that they left our inter­view with a solid under­standing of why nurses need uninter­rupted breaks.

The good news? They get it. If a candi­date receives an endorse­ment from WSNA-PAC, it is because they have made an unequiv­ocal commit­ment to supporting our efforts to achieve uninter­rupted meal and rest breaks in the 2019 Legisla­tive Session.

And we want to support that. At WSNA, no dues money goes toward polit­ical contri­bu­tions. So we need your help. Please give $100, $50, $25 or even $5 to support candi­dates who support nurses. When you donate, you can even select to make a recur­ring contri­bu­tion each month.

Addition­ally, I hope you will help with our efforts to get out the vote this fall. We have oppor­tu­ni­ties to reach out to other WSNA nurses in districts where pro-nurse candi­dates face tight races. We need nurses to:

  • write postcards reminding other WSNA members to vote;
  • doorbell in key districts; and,
  • partic­i­pate in phone banks to get out the vote!

With your help, we will elect a pro-nurse legis­la­ture and we will pass the rest breaks bill next session.

Thank you.