Candidate profiles and statements for 2019 WSNA elections

WSNA Board of Directors (11) #

President (1) #

Lynnette Vehrs, MN, RN #

Inland Empire Nurses Associ­a­tion — Spokane

Educa­tion: Baccalau­reate, Washington State Univer­sity; Master’s, Washington State Univer­sity. Present Position: Retired; volun­teering at homeless medical clinic. Present Office: WSNA Legisla­tive and Health Policy Chair. Past Offices: WSNA Legisla­tive and Health Policy Council – 8 years total with 4 of the years as the chair­woman; Inland Empire Nurses Associ­a­tion Board of Direc­tors and Presi­dent. Awards, Honors, Service: Lifetime Achieve­ment Award for IENA. Profes­sional member­ships: ANA/WSNA/IENA, League of Women Voters, Health Care for All-WA.

I have a vision for WSNA that is one of strength and compas­sion. WSNA has had a history built on princi­ples of advocacy for our patients and regis­tered nurses. I wish to continue on this pathway as your WSNA Presi­dent. I have been an RN for 42 years. I started in Tacoma as a psychi­atric nurse, cardiac inten­sive care, and then moved to Spokane and worked as a skilled home care nurse for 18 years and retired from teaching at Washington State Univer­sity College of Nursing. I have worked at all of my patient care facil­i­ties under a WSNA contract. I am a very strong supporter of our collec­tive bargaining agree­ments. I have partic­i­pated as a member on the negoti­ating teams several times. Currently I volun­teer as an RN at a Spokane homeless medical clinic. I am passionate about quality health care. I want construc­tive changes to our health care system and this can also be done through the legisla­tive process. I have been a member of the Legisla­tive and Health Policy Council for a total of 8 years, last 4 years I have been your Chair­woman of this council. The council has been successful with a number of bills passed, including safe staffing, increased public health funds, addressing the opioid crisis and increasing the funds for nursing educa­tion. I will continue to advocate protecting our scope of practice, public health, and social justice in the delivery of health care. It is essen­tial that we are involved in health care through health policy and legisla­tive actions. There is more work to be done. WSNA’s powerful team of nurses will pass our meal and rest breaks bill along with others. I am a strong advocate for nurse and patient safety. I am asking for you vote to elect me to the position of the next WSNA President.”

Vice President (1) #

Jennifer Graves, MS, BSN #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Seattle

Educa­tion: BSN, Univer­sity of Portland; MS, Univer­sity of Portland; Certifi­cate in Human Resources Manage­ment, Univer­sity of Washington. Present Position: Vice Presi­dent, Quality and Safety and Regional Chief Nursing Execu­tive, Kaiser Perma­nente Washington. Past Positions: Senior Vice Presi­dent of Patient Safety and Quality, Washington State Hospital Associ­a­tion; Chief Execu­tive and Nurse Execu­tive, Swedish Medical Center. Past Offices: Vice Presi­dent, WSNA Board of Direc­tors; Director-at-Large, WSNA Board of Direc­tors; Vice Presi­dent, Washington State Nurses Founda­tion; Presi­dent, King County Nurses Associ­a­tion. Awards, Honors, Service: WSNA Honorary Recog­ni­tion Award, 2017; March of Dimes Distin­guished Nurse of the Year, 2017. Profes­sional Associ­a­tions: ANA, WSNA, KCNA, ACHE, NWONE, STT.

As a member of WSNA for several decades, I have witnessed the value of our profes­sional associ­a­tion and am grateful that WSNA is inclu­sive of all nurses, in all roles, and strives to create unity during such a divisive time in our country. It would be my honor to repre­sent you and serve the nurses of our state and work together to advance our profes­sion and further the impor­tant mission of WSNA.”

Pamela Pasquale, MN, RN, BC #

District 7 — Wenatchee

Educa­tion: Baccalau­reate, Everett CC; Master’s in Nursing, Univer­sity of Washington; Shore­line CC Labor Manage­ment AA. Present Position: Foot Care RN. Prior Positions: Long profes­sional journey begin­ning from hospital in 1985 hospital to home health; home care; nursing home charge nurse; nurse delega­tion; RN faculty, Assisted LIving RN; Home Care Aide certi­fi­ca­tion devel­oper; CNA instructor; Foot care RN. Present Office: Chair, WSNA Profes­sional Nursing and Health Care Council. Past Offices: 1985 – 2007 Capitol City Nurses; Snohomish Co Nurses, Officer or Chair; WSNA Board of Direc­tors 1995 – 1997, 2009 – 2011, 2017-present; Practice Council 1997 – 2001, 2001 – 2007: 2011 – 2017, Chair 2017-present; Founda­tion: 2007 – 2009.

It’s been exciting to feel the new energy at WSNA as we have moved forward. New leader­ship is antic­i­pated in this election and it’s impor­tant to have those with the associ­a­tion history, experi­ence and famil­iarity with the issues that will help contribute to the new leaders’ success and keep WSNA moving forward. My talents and strengths are my commit­ment to the Associ­a­tion for over 30 years with my direct involve­ment which has included 3 terms on the Board of Direc­tors, as well as many years serving on the Profes­sional Nursing and Health Care Council where I am currently chair. Additional strengths for the Associ­a­tion are in to assist new WSNA staff who also benefit from members like myself, who have the insti­tu­tional memory and knowl­edge of the past Associ­a­tion activ­i­ties and successes that would help them transi­tion quickly and effec­tively. WSNA is recog­nizing and supporting efforts to reach out to my specialty interest: Long term care nursing practice. It is emerging as an impor­tant initia­tive and I’m partic­u­larly inter­ested in guiding that effort to develop a successful partnership.”

Secretary Treasurer (1) #

Verlee Vee” Sutherlin, BSN, MSN, Med. #

Inland Empire Nurses Associ­a­tion — Nine Mile Falls

Educa­tion: Diploma, Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing; baccalau­reate, Whitworth Unver­sity, MSN, Univer­sity of Portland; M.Ed,Gonzaga Unvier­sity – Spokane Present Position: Retired Prior Positions: Faculty Spokane Commu­nity College and a Staff Nurse SHMC. Present Office: WSNA Board of Direc­tors Secretary/​Treasurer. Past Offices: WSNA Board of Direc­tors, Secretary/​Treasurer; WSNA Finance Committee; IENA Board of Direc­tors; Inland Empire Nurses Associ­a­tion treasurer. Awards, Honors, Service: Inland Empire Nurses Associ­a­tion Nurse of Year.

I am a candi­date for WSNA Secretary/​Treasurer and would appre­ciate your vote. It has been my privi­lege and respon­si­bility to serve as your current Secretary/​Treasurer for the past two years. I am proud of the work our WSNA Board of Direc­tors has done and continues to do at a time when there have been many challenges in the labor and health care environ­ment. My background as a staff nurse, nurse educator and admin­is­trator provides me with the skills to serve effec­tively in this position and contributes to the stability of WSNA in Washington as well as nation­ally. I appre­ciate your support of my candi­dacy for Secretary/​Treasurer on the WSNA Board of Direc­tors and Finance Committee.”

Director At-Large (3) #

Christina Bradley, BSN, RN #

Pierce County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Tacoma

Educa­tion: Franklin Pierce High School; baccalau­reate, Pacific Lutheran Univer­sity; MN, Western Governor’s Univer­sity. Position: CHI Franciscan, Stroke Coordi­nator RN. Present Office: Member of WSNA PNHCC. Past Offices: WSNA Board of Direc­tors Staff Member at Large; WSNA-PAC Board of Trustees, WSNA Delegate. Awards, Honors, Service: Gladys Campbell Nursing Scholarship.

I have always loved advocating for nurses as evidenced by my prior involve­ment with WSNA and PCNA. It is impor­tant for nurses to partic­i­pate profes­sion­ally in nursing and to recog­nize the benefits that come with a nursing associ­a­tion and union. I feel like I would be a good candi­date to help promote this involve­ment. The strengths I would bring to a leader­ship role in this associ­a­tion include clear and profes­sional commu­ni­ca­tion skills, a passion for helping nurses, a caring, compas­sionate perspec­tive, and past experi­ence with WSNA.”

Susan K. Glass, MS, RN #

Inland Empire Nurses Associ­a­tion — Spokane

Educa­tion: BSN, Washington State Univer­sity; MS (Nursing), Arizona State Univer­sity. Position: retired since March 2015. Past Positions: Spokane VAMC-cardi­ology nurse coordi­nator, oncology nurse navigator, other duties as assigned (15 yrs at VA); WSU clinical instructor; VNA staff nurse (supple­mental); SHMC staff nurse, telemetry (supp); HFH staff devel­op­ment coordi­nator; Deaconess. Present Office: WSNA Board of Direc­tors, director at large. Past Offices: Inland Empire Nurses Associ­a­tion Treasurer 2016-present; invest­ment committee since approx. 2000-present. Awards, Honors, Service: Outstanding RN in advanced practice Spokane VA, 2005.

I have enjoyed serving on the WSNA Board of Direc­tors as it provides an oppor­tu­nity to serve the member­ship and help guide the organi­za­tion forward. It is impor­tant to have a balance of mature members as well as newer nurses serving on the Board in order to have broad repre­sen­ta­tion of the profes​sion​.My strengths include a broad under­standing of nursing practice, history of working in multiple settings, clear writing style, atten­tion to detail, and an ability to get along with people. I hope to continue to serve the Association.”

Mikey Anne O’Sullivan, BSN, RN #

Inland Empire Nurses Associ­a­tion — Spokane

Educa­tion: Master’s, Morning­side College, will graduate April 2019. Position: RN, Unify Commu­nity Health Center. Present Office: Inland Empire Nurses Associ­a­tion, Director of Community/​Public Health, 2017-present. Awards, Honors, Service: Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society, member 2017-present. Current GPA 4.0. Profes­sional Associ­a­tions: American Nurses Association.

When I started my master’s degree, I started learning about the large numbers of nurses compared to others in the medical profes­sion. I often wondered why nurses were not using these numbers to make a change. When I lived in Iowa, I followed WSNA on Facebook because I was so impressed with the impact they had and support they gave to nurses. When I moved to Spokane, I wanted to be involved in a nursing associ­a­tion to be part of this excite­ment. I reached out to different associ­a­tions and only heard back from IENA. I researched them before joining and was happy to find that they were associ­ated with WSNA. I was welcomed as a new board member and was happy to find so many strong women involved in supporting nurses. This past March I was fortu­nate to attend the WSNA Hall of Fame banquet. I was welcomed by every person I met and felt like I had been a member of WSNA for many years. When I was listening to the inductees speak, I felt privi­leged to be in the same room as them and wondered how I would/​could make an impact like these women did. I decided the best way to make an impact is to get involved with WSNA. My work with, and dedica­tion to, the under­served popula­tion aligns with WSNA’s purpose to ensure health care services are avail­able to all. I believe that my current schooling in nursing infor­matics will be an asset to WSNA and to promoting quality health­care using evidence-based research. If given the oppor­tu­nity to serve on the WSNA board I will support the goals and missions of WSNA. I will promote WSNA enroll­ment, and I will work with other WSNA members to meet WSNA goals. Thank you for your time.”

Jordan Pai Palimar, MN, BSN #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Sammamish

Educa­tion: MSN, Univer­sity of Washington-Bothell; BSN, Pennsyl­vania College of Technology; Associate’s, Social Work, Northampton Commu­nity College. Position: RN2 at UWMC. Past Positions: RN, Lehigh Valley Health Network. Present offices: Board of Direc­tors, Washington State Nurses Founda­tion board of trustees, PHNCC. Honors and Awards: ANCC Board Certi­fied Nurse for Medical Surgical Nursing WSNA: member since 2014. ANA: Advisory member for the Panel for Pallia­tive Care and Hospice Nursing 2016. Local Unit: King County.

I look forward to serving nurses in Washington ton to continue to elevate the standard at which they practice, influ­ence policy and health­care at both a local and national level.”

Trish Tobis, MSN #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Bellevue

Educa­tion: Master of Nursing, Univer­sity of Washington. Position: Retired. Past Positions: Bedside nursing, nurse educator, home health, critical care, home intra­venous nursing, case manager. Past Offices: WSNA Board of Direc­tors, PAC Board of Trustees, Legisla­tive and Health Policy Council. KCNA Board of Direc­tors. Awards, Honors, Service: KIXI nurse of the day 1982 and 1982, King County Nurses Associ­a­tion excel­lence in nursing practice award. I have been a member of several commit­tees appointed or elected to WSNA as well as KCNA from 1979 until 2016. I have also been elected to both boards, KCNA and WSNA. Between 1985 and 1995 I was active in crime vicitim associ­a­tion to provide support for crime vicitims of serious crimes. I also held a leader­ship role and was appointed to a special task force by Governor Gardner to repre­sent crime victimes in 1989. Major legis­la­tion was passed in 1990 as a result of this task force work.

Rosa Young, MSN, MPA, BSN #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Seattle

Educa­tion: BSN, Seattle Univer­sity and MSN, Seattle Univer­sity; N/A MPA, Seattle Univer­sity. Position: Substi­tute Nurse, Seattle Public Schools. Past Position: Nursing Super­visor, VA Puget Sound Health­care System. Present Offices: WSNA Board of Direc­tors, Alter­nate and Delegate to ANA Member­ship Assembly; KCNA Board of Direc­tors. Past Offices: WSNA Nomina­tion & Search Committee, WSNA Conven­tion Planning Committee. Awards, Honors, Service: Sigma Theta Tau; served in USAFR (20 + years) Retired LTC, mentoring other young nurses.

I love nursing and enjoy providing health services to those in need. I am a volun­teer on many commu­nity outreach programs such as North­west Kidney Centers, MMPNO and KCNA. Retired form VAPSHCS after 33 years of service and 20 years of the USAFR Nurse Corp for 20. I am an active partic­i­pant in my church Health and Wellness Ministry. Chair­person on the Ways and Means Committee for MMPNO and have served in the role of Chair­person and program organizer for 5 consec­u­tive years. I believe that I have the skill set and quali­fi­ca­tions to serve in the role of Member at Large.”

Director at Large Staff Nurse – (2) #

Adam Halvorsen, BSN, RN #

District 15 — Richland

Educa­tion: Columbia Basin College and Washington State Univer­sity Position: Acute Care Nurse, Kadlec. Prior Positions: Sergeant, United States Marine Corps; AEMT, Medstar Ambulance (Gallup, NM); Firefighter/​AEMT, Gallup Fire Depart­ment. Awards, Honors, Service: USMC: Merito­rious promo­tion to Private First Class and Corporal, USMC: Marine of The Quarter – Combat Assault Battalion; Washington State Univer­sity: Outstanding Under­grad­uate Student.

I live and have lived to serve, and my life consists of succes­sive chapters penned in the theme of service to others. The WSNA is comprised of those with the same humble ambition: caring for our patients by pushing forward the standard and avail­ability of care, and nursing devel­op­ment through advocacy and educa­tion. There is inspi­ra­tion drawn from my inter­ac­tions with the leaders within the WSNA and the passion each person holds for people and the profes­sion of nursing is undeni­able and immensely motivating. I am drawn to that passion and am excited at the prospect to serve the people and nurses of Washington through further involve­ment in the WSNA. I have been lucky to serve in a number of leader­ship roles throughout the years: as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, Class Leader in my fire academy and more recently I was honored to serve as Presi­dent of the Nursing Students of Washington State, and Director for the National Student Nurses Associ­a­tion. The experi­ence and lessons gleaned through each of these positions has proven invalu­able and will continue to be as I move forward in service. There is a sentence from Cicero’s De Officiis that has always struck me and offers insight into my motiva­tion and desire to serve: non nobis solum nati sumus ortusque nostri partem patria vindicat, partem amici’ which trans­lates to Not for us alone are we born; our country, our friends, have a share in us.’ I believe whole­heart­edly that we live to serve one another; we are each wonder­fully burdened by the honor and oblig­a­tion to see that each among us are respected, cared, and provided for and I intend to use any talents I possess to work toward that idea. Service within the WSNA will allow me to do so.”

Judi M Lyons, RN #

District 18 — Ellensburg

Educa­tion: Associate Degree, Yakima Valley Commu­nity College. Position: Staff nurse, Kittitas Valley Health­care. Current Offices: District Presi­dent, WSNA-PAC Board, ANA Delegate. Past Offices: WSNA Presi­dent, WSNA Board of Direc­tors; Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare; Local Unit Secre­tary; District Presi­dent. Honors and awards: WSNA Joanna Boatman Staff Nurse Award.

I have had the oppor­tu­nity to partic­i­pate with WSNA for over 40 years. I bring renewed energy and a long history of involve­ment. My knowl­edge of past history of WSNA will help bridge activ­i­ties as we move into the future. I enjoy being part of the solution.’ As an active member of WSNA, I help to that end.”

WSNA Nomination / Search Committee (4) #

Suzanne Baek, RN #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Federal Way

Educa­tion: Kyoungki Univer­sity, Inchon, Korea. Position: Staff nurse, Virginia Mason Medical Center. Past Positions: Nurse manager at St. Joseph Medical Center Tacoma, House Super­visor at St. Francis Hosp. Federal Way. Present Office: Virginia Mason Local unit secre­tary and treasurer.

Ever since I joined WSNA in 2007, I served as a Local unit rep., griev­ance officer, and now I am serving as a LU secre­tary and treasurer. I have a passion, desire, energy and strength to increase my involve­ment to WSNA for improvement.”

Jan Bussert, BSN, RN #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Vashon

Educa­tion: Diploma, St. Eliza­beth School of Nursing; BSN, Gonzaga Univer­sity. Position: Retired. Past Positions: Nurse organizer, WSNA; Triage, Vashon Health Center; Yakima Heart Center, ICU, PACU. Honors and awards: ANA Honorary Recog­ni­tion Award, WSNA Leader­ship Award. Current Office: WSNA Presi­dent Past Offices: WSNA Presi­dent 2015 – 2017, WSNA 1st Vice Presi­dent 1979 – 1983; WSNA 1st Vice Presi­dent 1993 – 1997; WSNA Presi­dent 201502019 and 1997 – 2001; ANA Board of Direc­tors 2000 – 2003.

Judith (Judy) Huntington, MN, RN #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Kent

Educa­tion: MN, BSN, Univer­sity of Washington. Position: Retired. Past Positions: WSNA Execu­tive Director, 1999 – 2017. Past Offices: WSNA Presi­dent, WSNA second vice presi­dent, chair of ANA Constituent Forum, ANA second vice presi­dent. More.

Susan E. Jacobson, CCRN, RN

District 6


Educa­tion: Associate degree, South Puget Sound Commu­nity College; Chamber­lain University/​Chamberlain College of Nursing (gradu­ating 2019), Associate’s of Arts & Science. Position: Staff nurse, ASTRIA Regional Medical Center. Past Positions: AACN Certi­fied in Adult Critical Care (CCRN), Charge Nurse – ICU, Chair – Safe Staffing Multi­dis­ci­pli­nary Committee, Member – Safe Staffing Multi­dis­ci­pli­nary Committee, ACLS Instructor, PALS Provider, NALS Provider, Mentor/​Preceptor – nursing students. Current Office: WSNA Legisla­tive and Health Policy Council; District 6 Board of Direc­tors, Secre­tary. Past Offices: Presi­dent, WSNA (2013 – 2015); Vice Presi­dent, WSNA (2011 – 2013); chair, WSNA Legisla­tive & Health Policy Council (2007 – 2011); member, Legisla­tive and Health Policy Council (2002 – 2013); WSNA Board of Direc­tors (2007 – 2015); member WSNAF Board of Trustees (2007 – 2011); chair, WSNA Board of Trustees (2011 – 2013); ANA Nominating Committee. Awards, Honors, Service: WSNA District 6 Excel­lence in Leader­ship Award; WSNA Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare Nurse Hero Award; mentor, ICNE Nursing School Students; AACN-CCRN certification/​member.

Muriel Softli, BSN, MPA #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Seattle

Educa­tion: BSN, Univer­sity of Washington, M.Ed., Central Washington Univer­sity, MPA, Univer­sity of Washington. Position: Retired School Nurse. Past Positions: 1962 – 1967 Public Health New York City, 1968 – 2010 Seattle Public Schools, 1970 – 1996 USAFR NC McChord AFB, Wash. Current Office: WSNA Profes­sional Nursing and Health Care Council. Awards, Honors, Service: 2000 WSNA Hall Of Fame, 2017 UW School of Nursing PH Preceptor of the Year, 2018 UW School of Nursing Centen­nial 1 of a 100 chosen Nurse Influencer.

I was trained and encour­aged to actively partic­i­pate in my profes­sional nursing organi­za­tions by my school of nursing profes­sors back in 1955. Been active since that time to this date. Partic­i­pating in my profes­sional organi­za­tions kept me informed of nursing issues, concerns, trend, legisla­tive bills and laws. I have a need to be current in all these areas in order to compre­hend current nursing happen­ings. Over the years it was wonderful meeting nurses from throughout the state and nation in the different areas of nursing. Being active on those different commit­tees are infor­ma­tive and neces­sary in becoming a nursing leader.”

Legislative and Health Policy Council (4) #

Chair and Member of WSNA Board of Directors (1) #

Justin Gill, MS, RN, ARNP #

Pierce County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Gig Harbor

Educa­tion: ADN, Whatcom Commu­nity College; BSN, Univer­sity of Washington Bothell; MS Nursing, George­town Univer­sity; DNP (in progress), Yale Univer­sity. Position: ARNP Urgent Care, CHI Franciscan. Past Positions: ARNP Family Practice, Skagit Regional Health; RN, Peace­Health and Skagit Valley Hospital. Current Office: ANA-PAC Board of Trustees (2017-Present). Awards, Honors, Service: UW Bothell Outstanding Alumni Award, 2017; ANA Nurse Advocate Award, 2014; Whatcom CC Laidlaw Award Recip­ient, 2012.

As a current member of the WSNA Legislative/​Health Policy Council, former congres­sional intern and health policy advocate, I feel strongly that nurses have the ability to make a signif­i­cant impact on health care policy at the state and national level. WSNA is a strong organi­za­tion that advocates for nurses and patient safety on the front lines. Our profes­sion is involved at every level of health care delivery. Because of this, nurses need to be present at the table in all policy discus­sions that relate to health care, or the social deter­mi­nants of health. I have had the oppor­tu­nity to testify on issues in Olympia, complete an advocacy fellow­ship with ANA, and lead on issues related to safe staffing and workplace violence. I look forward to using these experi­ences as a founda­tion for my WSNA leader­ship oppor­tu­ni­ties moving forward. It has been a privi­lege to serve on the Legislative/​Health Policy Council thus far, and I am excited at the oppor­tu­nity of serving our organi­za­tion as chair of the committee. I humbly ask for your vote this election.”

Member at-Large (3) #

Gemma Aranda, BSN #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Bellevue

Educa­tion: Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Position: Relief Charge Nurse, Overlake Hospital; Evergreen Hospital. Past Positions: Clinical Educator, 1995 – 1997; Critical Care Nurse 1997 to present; Post Anesthesia Care Nurse, 2013 to present. Awards, Honors, Service: Third Academic Honors BSN 1992 – 1995; Overlake Hospital Contract Negoti­a­tion Team, 2017; current Overlake PACU Unit Rep and Overlake Hospital Grievance Officer.

It’s apparent at workplaces that the laws, which were fought for hard by nurses for the protec­tion of their labor rights and profes­sional practice are contin­u­ously being under­mined. With respect to the bravery, sacri­fices and wisdom of our Nurses union who worked hard to pass the House Bills into Law, it is time to restore the precept that each individual at any level of profes­sional position is held account­able for his/​her actions and choice to break the law. My faith-based decision making, courage, strength and integrity will help me lead with authority.”

Susan Dunn, MSN, RN, CHRN #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Seattle

Educa­tion: BSN, Seattle Univer­sity; MSN, Western Governor’s Univer­sity. Position: Staff Nurse – Hyper­baric, Virginia Mason Hospital. Current Office: WSNA Legisla­tive and Health Policy Council member. Awards, Honors, Service: WSNA Economic and General Welfare Griev­ance Office of the Year Award.

This is an impor­tant time for nurses to speak up on health care issues. The Legisla­tive and Health Policy Council helps provide that voice. As a WSNA member for almost 30 years, more than a decade as a bargaining unit griev­ance officer and as a partic­i­pant in several contract negoti­a­tions, I bring historic and practical perspec­tives. As a Staff Nurse, I bring the bedside view. I have learned a lot in my last 2 years on the council and want to continue contributing and using that experience.”

Elizabeth Espy, RN, CEN #

North­west Region — Bellingham

Educa­tion: ADN, Whatcom Commu­nity College; in progress WGU; CEN (Certi­fied Emergency Nurse). Position: Emergency Depart­ment RN, Peace­Health St. Joseph Medical Center. Awards, Honors, Service: Daisy Award Nominee, Emergency Nurses Associ­a­tion (ENA) member, Local Unit Emergency Depart­ment Unit Repre­sen­ta­tive, member of hospital-wide Staffing Committee. North­west District partic­i­pated in initial meeting to celebrate forma­tion of the district, eagerly awaiting first business meeting to assist in building our board and branding our district.

When nurses are protected, valued and empow­ered by employers and lawmakers, our patients have better outcomes. More often, however, we are expected to sacri­fice basic workplace safety and personal well-being. We do this every day when we bridge the gap between the needs of our depart­ments and patients with the often inade­quate resources allocated by the organi­za­tions for which we work. Emphasis needs to be placed on laws and regula­tions which protect us and our patients. WSNA works tirelessly on our behalf for this. It would be my privi­lege to serve on the Legisla­tive and Health Policy Council and champion WSNA’s identi­fied prior­i­ties at the state level. Thank you.”

Jeremy R. King, MSN, ARNP, FNP‑C #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Seattle

Educa­tion: MSN, ARNP, Seattle Univer­sity. Position: Nurse Practi­tioner at Cascade Valley ED Past Positions: 20 years RN experi­ence at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Swedish Edmonds Hospital. Predom­i­nantly in Emergency. Current Office: WSNA Legisla­tive and Health Policy Council Member. Awards, Honors, Service: ANAI Fellow 2017 – 2018, Alpha Sigma Nu member and Sigma Theta Tau member. King County Nurses Associ­a­tion Schol­ar­ship recip­ient; partic­i­pated in yearlong mentor­ship program.

I’m inspired by the nursing profession’s capacity and poten­tial for effecting good in our country. I believe that nursing repre­sents a unique point of view in health care and that it is our respon­si­bility as nurses to advocate for social justice oriented policy and legis­la­tion. I believe that as a nurse it is our respon­si­bility to improve the health of all Ameri­cans through working for positive change around any issue that affects health. As we move America into the future I believe nursing will help lead our health care system to be more equitable, afford­able and acces­sible to all Ameri­cans. I bring 20 years of nursing experi­ence to my work with WSNA. I also bring my strong bias towards health care as a human right with me whenever I partic­i­pate in Associ­a­tion activ­i­ties or politics.”

Lynn Nelson, RN, MSN, NCSN #

District 13 — Olympia

Educa­tion: South Puget Sound Commu­nity College; Master’s Degree, Saint Martin’s Univer­sity. Position: Director, Health Services and Student Support, Capital Region ESD 113. Past Positions: 1997 – 2002 School Nurse, North Thurston Public Schools; 1990 – 1996 Home Health Manager, Provi­dence Sound Home Care and Hospice; 1986 – 1990 Home Health Nurse, Provi­dence Sound Home Care and Hospice; 1985 – 1986 Med/​Surg Acute Care RN, Provi­dence. Awards, Honors, Service: WSNA Excel­lence in Practice Award, 2017; SNOW Nurse Admin­is­trator of the Year, 2013; Johnson & Johnson School Health Leader­ship Fellow­ship, 2013; SNOW current NASN Director, past Legisla­tive Chair.

I have served as the Director of Student Support and Health Services at Capital Area Educa­tional Service District #113, in Tumwater, Washington, since 2002, where I super­vise and support school nurses and other support staff in 5 counties, and admin­ister multiple related health and social service programs. I believe that providing quality service for children and families must include an inten­tional focus on equity in both the health and educa­tion arenas. My profes­sional inter­ests focus on both school health and health care policy. I have been an RN since 1985. I received my MSN in Leader­ship and Health Care Policy from Saint Martin’s Univer­sity in 1998 and am a Nation­ally Certi­fied School Nurse with more than 20 years of experi­ence in school health. I am a member of the Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion (WSNA), the Washington Associ­a­tion of School Admin­is­tra­tors (WASA), the School Nurse Organi­za­tion of Washington (SNOW), and the National Associ­a­tion of School Nurses (NASN). I am currently serving as the NASN Director and am also the past Legisla­tive Chair for SNOW. I was honored in 2017 to have been chosen for the WSNA Excel­lence in Practice Award, and I was the SNOW Washington State School Nurse Admin­is­trator of the Year in 2013 I live in Olympia and have a large blended family who keep me centered. I spend my free time hanging out with my kids, reading, gardening, hiking, and traveling whenever I can.”

Erin Stevenson, BSN, BS #

North­west Region — Bellingham

Educa­tion: Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, Western Governor’s Univer­sity; Bachelor’s of Science in Mechan­ical Engineering, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln. Position: Regis­tered Nurse, Peace­Health. Past Positions: Mechan­ical Engineering – State of Nebraska Energy Office, Ford Motor Company Intern­ship, Midwest Roadside Safety Facility (UNL). Current Office: WSNA Legisla­tive and Health Policy Council, member on the new North­west Region Board.

I have enjoyed the last two years serving on the Legisla­tive and Health Policy Council. There is a lot to learn and know about the process and I have barely scratched the surface. I am eager to continue the work to advocate for my fellow nurses statewide, by educating our legis­la­tors on critical nursing issues such as workplace violence, meal and rest breaks, and mental health issues. I have never been one to sit quietly when I see something that needs to be improved upon. I bring to this council a passion for changing the current environ­ment to one where all nurses can feel safe and supported at their jobs.”

Stephanie Wahlgren #

North­west Region — Sedro-Woolley

Educa­tion: ADN, Skagit Valley College; Baccalau­reate, Univer­sity if Washington; Doctorate, Gonzaga Univer­sity projected gradu­a­tion 2021. Position: Forensic Nurse Coordi­nator, Peace­Health Saint Joseph Medical Center. Past Position: RN at Skagit Valley Hospital on and off since 2011. Awards, Honors, Service: Nominated for Daisy award x 2, Forensic Nursing Excel­lence Award.

The WSNA has been integral to helping move forward legis­la­tion to protect survivors of inter­per­sonal violence. Forensic nursing is an emerging science and nursing field. The WSNA has the ability to work with hospi­tals in compen­sating nurses for their time. Many times, nurses are not compen­sated for this work, nor do hospi­tals see the need to compen­sate nurses for taking the training and working with sexual assault patients. The IAFN and ENA have put out a joint state­ment regarding testi­mony, and evidence collec­tion being better and stronger with fores­ncially trained nurses. We also have one hospital in the state of Washington that trains all nurses, while this is impor­tant, the nurses trained on the East side are not getting the same training as on the West Side. We need to push forward legis­la­tion that standard­izes educa­tion for all forensic nurses in the state. This will ensure standard­ized practice to each patient.”

Professional Nursing & Health Care Council (7) #

Chair and Member of WSNA Board of Directors (1) #

Charles C. Cumiskey, MBA, BSN, RN #

District 13 — Olympia

Educa­tion: Diploma, Good Samar­itan School of Nursing, Portland, OR; BSN, Saint Martin Univer­sity; MBA, Univer­sity of Washington Tacoma. Position: Chief Nursing Super­visor Group – Transfer Center, Madigan Army Hospital Center. Past Positions: Nursing Commis­sion, GroupHealth, and Sister of Provi­dence. Past Offices: WSNA Profes­sional Nursing & Health Care Council 2013 – 2015; WSNA-PAC 1995 – 1997. Awards, Honors, Service: 28 years in the Army Reserves.

At-Large (1) #

Rayanne Lilley, BS, RN #

Inland Empire Nurses Associ­a­tion — Spokane

Educa­tion: BS, Washington State Univer­sity. Position: Staff RN ENDO/​SPU/​Infusion/​ICU & Clinical Nurse Educator, Sacred Heart and Ashfield Health­care. Past Position: Food and Beverage Depart­ment Head. Awards, Honors, Service: Magna Cum Laude, I.N.F.U.S.E. Award 02/2018.

I can’t expect change if I do not put the work in for it to happen. I want to be an advocate for nurses as well as patients. I am energized and outspoken.”

Administration (1) #

Suzanne Scott, RN, MSN, NEA-BC #

Pierce County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Lacey

Educa­tion: Virginia Common­wealth Univer­sity, Medical College of Virginia and Univer­sity of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Position: Deputy Commanding Officer (COO equiv­a­lent), US Army; Madigan Army Medical Center. Past Positions: RN, Vander­bilt Univer­sity, June 1989 – January 1990; US Army Nurse Corps, January 1990 – present; Chief Nurse, US Army Forces Command, Fort Bragg, NC, August 2012 – June 2015; Assis­tant Chief Nurse, Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg. Awards, Honors, Service: Inductee, Order of Military Medical Merit 9A profi­ciency desig­na­tion (Army certi­fied expert in nursing), ANCC Nurse Execu­tive, Advanced Board Certification.

As a senior leader in the Army, I have found my passion in taking care of the people who take care of patients. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed building and sustaining a collab­o­ra­tive team that is focused on patient centered care. After moving to Washington last year, my family and I have realized that this is our forever home. Knowing that I am no longer transient, I want to expand my talents to helping build a body of nurses that are focused on what’s impor­tant; building and sustaining relation­ships with our patients. I want to help nursing leaders coach and teach their nurses in under­standing the heart of nursing — that trusting relation­ship between patient and nurse. I want to be involved in the WSNA to help leaders build collab­o­ra­tive nursing teams who can continue to improve the delivery of safe, quality nursing care.”

Education (1) #

Heather M. Stephen-Selby, BSN, MSN, ARNP-BC, RN #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Renton

Educa­tion: Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing, Univer­sity of British Columbia, Seattle Univer­sity, Kwantlan College. Position: Nurse Manager/​ARNP, Health­Point Commu­nity Health Center. Past Positions: WSNA Assis­tant Execu­tive Director of Nursing Practice, Educa­tion, Research 2014 – 2018; Adjunct Faculty Heritage Univer­sity, 2017 – 18; Interim Dean of Nursing Spokane Commu­nity College and Director of SCC student health, 2013 – 14; ARNP 2002 – 2013. Past Offices: PNHCC committee member for 4 years prior to becoming an employee of WSNA; Chaired disaster prepared­ness workgroup for 2 years while with PNHCC council. Awards, Honors, Service: WSNA Ethics Award 2007, Gover­nors workforce 2008, RTC employee of the quarter 2006. King County Nurses Associ­a­tion Director at Large currently.

As a long time active member with the Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion and a past employee I am looking for the oppor­tu­nity to return to engage­ment. WSNA’s mission, in my experi­ence has been demon­strated on a number of levels around leader­ship, promoting quality health care, educa­tion, advocacy and influ­encing health care policy in the state of Washington and nation­ally. As a former WSNA employee, who was the Assis­tant Execu­tive Director of Nursing Practice, Educa­tion, and Research for four years and was an active member prior I believe in the work WSNA does. Being a member our voices, ideas and experi­ences are not only heard but enacted upon with my past experi­ence with PHNCC. We addressed nursing practice issues such as, scope of practice encroach­ment, practice gaps including transi­tion to practice, and unclear regula­tory language. I bring a highly diverse background as a former employee of WSNA who is familiar with the organi­za­tion, ANA, and practicing in commu­nity health. I under­stand our challenges as an RN and advanced practice provider through a variety of lenses because I have worked in a variety of settings including acute care, commu­nity health, educa­tion, and admin­is­tra­tion. I have been heavily involved at the local and state level on workforce issues for nurses around safe practice, workplace violence and growing the nursing ranks. Policy engage­ment and legis­la­tion are areas in which I have been active. During my employ­ment with WSNA I taught CNE courses and now in-services in my current position. As an active ARNP, I am working currently in commu­nity health addressing social deter­mi­nants of health, health literacy, access, and providing a voice with our diverse commu­ni­ties for health­care for all. I am also currently a Director at Large with the King County Nurses Associ­a­tion, who are very active leaders around my passion with the homeless and under­served. As an advocate and educator of equal rights and access for all, I am passionate about our ability as a profes­sion we use our voice. As a nurse manager and leader I owe it to my colleagues to step up and engage as we continue to advocate for our patients, commu­ni­ties and ourselves.”

Ethics & Human Rights (1) #

Vesna Jovanovich, BS, RN #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Renton

Educa­tion: Lake Washington Insti­tute Of Technology School Of Nursing; Nadezda Petrovic Alfa Bk Univer­sity, Bachelor’s In Business Educa­tion. Position: Clinical Manager / Quality Assur­ance Specialist, Harvard Partners Health. Past Positions: KBC Zemun Medical Center, CRNA Oct. 2004 – Sept. 2005, ICU RN May 2003 – Sept. 2004.

I am a regis­tered nurse, human­i­tarian, and mother, dedicated to helping people lead a happy, healthy, and produc­tive life. In my current career I am inspired by creating ways to help our senior clients progress and have a new and exciting outlook on thier lives, and also being able to help my medical team help these people reach those goals while applying the best possible care. Working with WSNA, I would be able to apply my knowlege to build and work with a team at a higher level and be part of helping all Washington nurses working on things like compli­ance and related issues so they may be able to have safe well regulated work environ­ments so that they in turn can give their highest level of care and safety to thier patients. I have a large amount of experi­ence in medicare/​medicaid, commer­cial insur­ance compli­ance continued educa­tion, and keep current knowl­edge of changing rules and regula­tions. I would like the oppor­tu­nity to exchange ideas with other nurses and also apply my skill sets to helping WSNA grow, stay strong for our members and progress.

Practice (1) #

Jennifer Reinhardt, BSN, RN #

Pierce County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Bonney Lake

Educa­tion: BSN, Pacific Lutheran Univer­sity. Position: CNOIC Surgical Services Center, Madigan Army Medical Center. Past Positions: St. Francis hospital – staff nurse medical surgical unit. Current Office: WSNA Profes­sional Nursing and Health­care Council. Awards, Honors, Service: Daisy Award recip­ient 2016, 2x Swan Award recip­ient, Advance­ment towards High Relia­bility in health­care award AMSUS 2017.

I am passionate about strength­ening the nursing profes­sion and advocating for Washington state nurses. I would like to continue serving the nurses of Washington state and retain my seat on the Profes­sional Nursing and Health­care Council. I will continue to collab­o­rate at the state and local level to strengthen clinical quality improve­ment initia­tives, solidify healthy work environ­ments for all health care staff, and advocate for nursing profes­sionals of Washington state. I believe when we improve the quality and employ­ment condi­tions for the nurses of Washington state we will advance not only the profes­sion of nursing, but patient care as well.”

Research (1) #

Anne Hirsch, PhD, BSN #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Seattle

Educa­tion: BSN, Washington State Univer­sity; MN, Univer­sity of Washington; PhD, Indiana Univer­sity. Position: Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Univer­sity of Washington. Past Positions: Seattle Univer­sity and Pacific Lutheran Univer­sity. Current Office: WSNA Profes­sional Nursing & Health Care Council. Honors and awards: KCNA Shining Star Award; Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing; Fellow, American Associ­a­tion of Nurse Practitioners.

I am looking forward to contin­uing to contribute to the impor­tant work of the profes­sional nursing and health care council as the research repre­sen­ta­tive. I have learned a great deal during my previous terms of service and feel much better prepared to help advance the initia­tives of the Council.”

Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare (10) #

Chair and Member of the WSNA Board of Directors (1) #

Julia R. Barcott, RN #

District 7 — Yakima

Educa­tion: Associate Degree in Nursing, Yakima Valley Commnity College. Position: RN, ICU Med Surg, Astria Toppenish Hospital. Past Positions: ICU/​Critical Care Float at Yakima Regional Hospital; Dialysis RN at Davita. Current Office: Chair, WSNA Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare. Past Offices: Vice chair, WSNA Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare (2011 – 2013 and 2013 – 2014); local unit co-chair, Yakima Regional Medical Center; member, Yakima regional negoti­a­tion team; ANA Standards & Scope of Practice Committee; WSNA-PAC Board of Trustees. Awards, Honors, Service: 2018 AFT Hero Award, WSNA Negotiations/​Rising Star Award; Dial Infec­tion Control.

Rise up! Nurses have been doing this for years. Through WSNA, we are united in improving safety for nurses and our patients. My passion is to continue in this fight with all of you to improve staffing, prevent workplace violence, and address social justice issues. In solidarity we have achieved great changes and can continue to move forward to improve our profes­sion and our communities.”

Vice Chair (1) #

Clarise Mahler, BSN, RN, CCRN #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Duvall

Educa­tion: Baccalau­reate, Humboldt State Univer­sity, California. Position: Staff RN Critical Care, Evergreen Health. Past Positions: Harborview Medical Center, staff RN 1993 – 1999; St. Joseph’s Hospital, Eureka, CA 1987 – 1993 Staff RN Oncology. Current Office: Co-chair, WSNA Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare. Awards, Honors, Service: 2013 WSNA Outstanding Negoti­a­tion Team Award; AACN.

I have a passion for helping nurses obtain the best working condi­tions. I believe when we unify we can have safe staffing, profes­sional respect, advocate for evidence based practice and encourage our hospi­tals and govern­ment to provide health care for all.”

Secretary/​Treasurer (1) #

Martha Goodall, RN #

Inland Empire Nurses Associ­a­tion — Mead

Educa­tion: Associate Degree in Nursing, Spokane Commu­nity College. Position: Regis­tered Nurse Critical Care ICU, Proviedence Holy Family Hospital. Present Office: WSNA Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare Secretary/​Treasurer. Past Offices: Member, WSNA Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare; treasurer, IENA. Awards, Honors, Service: Holy Family Nurse of the Year, Holy Family Employee of the Year for collab­o­ra­tion; 2016 Outstanding Local Unit Chair­person. Habitat for Humanity.

I have a long history of being involved in the work of our union. Starting at the local unit chair level. I am currently on the E&GW as secretary/​treasurer and sit on the finance committee. My ongoing goal is to make our work both satis­fying and safe.”

Member At-Large (7) #

Francesca Castillo, RN, AAS #

Inland Empire Nurses Associ­a­tion — Spokane

Educa­tion: AAS, Spokane Commu­nity College Nursing Program. Position: Staff nurse, St. Luke’s Rehabil­i­ta­tion Insiti­tute. Current Office: WSNA Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare, member at large; IENA vice presi­dent; Chair, St. Luke’s Local Unit, WSNA first time contract negotiator and organizer. Awards, Honors, Service: Compas­sion award nominee; Member of Spokane Alliance.

We need state level repre­sen­ta­tion on east side, and I would like to continue with this endeavor. My strengths are the continued repre­sen­ta­tion for the east side of the state bringing ideas to the cabinet.”

Diane Cantu, RN #

District 6 — Yakima

Educa­tion: Associate of science degree RN. Employer: Position: Charge RN in ER, Astria Toppenish Hospital. Past Positions: 9 years as CNA and Medical inter­preter at Astria Sunny­side Hospital.

Edna P. Cortez #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Edmonds

Educa­tion: Rockford Memorial School of Nursing. Position: RN – Recovery PACU, Seattle Children’s Hospital. Past Positions: PICU, NICU, CVICU, ALNW, ED, UC. Current Office: WSNA Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare. KCNA Nominating Committee. Past Offices: KCNA Board of Direc­tors. Awards, Honors, Service: Daisy Award recip­ient (Seattle Children’s Hosp).

I have been a member of WSNA since 1993 and started at Seattle Children’s hospital in 1990. I am proud to be a member of my profes­sional state organi­za­tion. I am just as proud to be a regis­tered nurse! WSNA has taught me and helped me to be a better advocate for myself, my coworkers and for my patients.”

Ruby Crisostomo Tan, BSN, RN #

King County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Maple Valley

Educa­tion: BSN, Univer­sity of Washington. Position: Acute Inpatient Dialysis Nurse, Frese­nius. Past Positions: Tele Neuro Med Surg, RN. Awards, Honors, Service: UW Dean’s List 2015 – 16, Pierce College and Green River Commu­nity College Honors Awards

I would like to serve WSNA throughout the organi­za­tion and in leader­ship. I have excep­tional focus, depend­ability, integrity, tact, unselfish­ness, knowl­edge, loyalty, enthu­siasm, ability to influ­ence others, good leader­ship, and courage.”

Crystal Kosik, BSN, RN #

District 28 — Selah

Educa­tion: BSN, Washington State Univer­sity. Position: Labor and Delivery RNC, Astria Toppenish Hospital. Past Position: Labor and Delivery High Risk Obstet­rics at Oregon Health and Science University.

I am passionate about bringing strength to the WSNA. I know that in order to negotiate fair contracts we must have strong voices within this associ­a­tion. I have worked for several different union hospi­tals during my career and there­fore have knowl­edge about the way in which things get negoti­ated. I know that strong voices are the key to accom­plishing great things.”

Janet Stewart, BSN, RN #

Pierce County Nurses Associ­a­tion — Tacoma

Educa­tion: BS, Pacific Lutheran Univer­sity. Position: Staff Nurse and Break Relief Nurse – Critical Care, St. Joseph Medical Center Tacoma. Past Positions: RN Civilian & Military US Army Nurse Corps. Present Office: WSNA Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare member.

It has been a meaningful and fulfilling to be a WSNA leader and officer at my local unit where I can help repre­sent nurses, serve on the negoti­a­tions team, and help strengthen and support our bargaining unit. I have enjoyed serving on the WSNA Cabinet for two years and would like to continue working to serve nurses in this state level leader­ship role. I am hardworking, honest, dedicated and compas­sionate. I hope you will allow me to continue to serve you.”

ANA Membership Assembly 2019 – 21 Delegates and Alternates (13) #

  • Ingrid Anderson, Dist. #2, Snoqualmie
  • Suzanne Baek, Dist. #2, Federal Way
  • Julia Barcott, Dist. #6, Yakima
  • Amy Boult­ing­house, SW Region, Castle Rock
  • Jan Bussert, Dist. #2, Vashon
  • Edna Cortez, Dist. #2, Lynnwood
  • Chuck Cumiskey, Dist. #13, Olympia
  • Julie Drake, Dist. #2, Bothell
  • Eliza­beth Epsy, NW Region, Bellingham
  • Justin Gill, Dist. #3, Gig Harbor
  • Sue Glass, Dist. #4, Spokane
  • Martha Goodall, Dist. #4, Mead
  • Jennifer Graves, Dist. #2, Seattle
  • John Gustafson, Dist. #3, Poulsbo
  • Angela Hansen, NW Region, Oak Harbor
  • Judy Huntington, Dist. #2, Kent
  • Vesna Jovanovich, Dist. #2, Mercer Island
  • Crystal Kosik, Dist. #28, Selah
  • Judi Lyons, Dist. #18, Ellensburg
  • Mikey Anne O’Sullivan, Dist. #4, Spokane
  • Gwen Parrick, NW Region, Freeland
  • Jennifer Reinhardt, Dist. #3, Bonney Lake
  • Bernadette Reyes, Dist. #2, Lynnwood
  • Suzanne Scott, Dist. #13, Lacey
  • Heather Stephen Selby, Dist. #2, Renton
  • Erin Stevenson, NW Region, Bellingham
  • Janet Stewart, Dist. #3 Tacoma
  • Anita Stull, Dist. #2, Seattle
  • Lynnette Vehrs, Dist. #4, Spokane
  • Rosa Young, Dist. #2, Seattle

Delegates to the 2020 AFT Convention (20) #

  • Susanna Avery, Dist. #2, Seattle
  • Suzanne Baek, Dist. #2, Federal Way
  • Julia Barcott, Dist. #6, Yakima
  • Edna Cortez, Dist. #2 Lynnwood
  • Ruby Crisos­tomo Tan, Dist. #3
  • Julie Drake, Dist. #2, Bothell
  • Eliza­beth Epsy, NW Region, Bellingham
  • Martha Goodall, Dist. #4, Spokane
  • Crystal Kosik, Dist. #28, Selah
  • Judi Lyons, Dist. #18, Ellensburg
  • Clarise Mahler, Dist. #2, Duvall
  • Sue Munro, Dist. #2, Seattle
  • Gwen Parrick, NW Region, Freeland
  • Bernadette Reyes, Dist. #2, Lynnwood
  • Janet Stewart, Dist. #3, Tacoma
  • Anita Stull, Dist. #2, Seattle