Congratulations to 2020 Nurses of Influence Banquet Awardees

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WSNA congrat­u­lates the following 2020 Nurses of Influ­ence Banquet Awardees, including five WSNA members. The awards are given by the Univer­sity of Washington School of Nursing (UWSON) to outstanding gradu­ates and other excep­tional individ­uals in the greater nursing commu­nity.

UWSON shared the following infor­ma­tion on their website:

Distin­guished Alumni Award
Jose Pares-Avila, nurse practi­tioner, Harborview Medical Center and UWMC. This award recog­nizes a UWSON graduate whose career in nursing exempli­fies excel­lence in clinical practice, leader­ship in profes­sional organi­za­tions, outstanding accom­plish­ments, and contri­bu­tions to the commu­nity. Pares-Avila provides primary and psychi­atric emergency service. His local and national leader­ship has included service in the local chapter of the National Associ­a­tion of Hispanic Nurses and service on the Board of Direc­tors of GLMA: Health Profes­sionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality.

Distin­guished Researcher Award

Debra Ridling (WSNA member), Associate Chief Nurse for Practice and Research at Seattle Children’s. This award recog­nizes an individual whose research, profes­sional achieve­ments and cumula­tive contri­bu­tions have brought personal distinc­tion, enhanced the profes­sion, improved the welfare of the general public and brought honor and prestige to their field. Debra Ridling supports nurses in the areas of research, clinical practice, quality/​safety, profes­sional devel­op­ment, orien­ta­tion (including the nurse residency program), educa­tion, compe­tency, infor­matics, shared gover­nance, Magnet desig­na­tion, outreach educa­tion, ethics, schools of nursing, and others programs that support and promote excel­lence in nursing. She has over 30 years experi­ence as a nurse.

Distin­guished Practi­tioner Award

Patricia (Pat) A. Blissitt (WSNA member), Neuro­science Clinical Nurse Specialist, HMC and SMC, and Associate Professor, Clinical Affil­iate Faculty, UWSON. This award honors a nurse who demon­strates excel­lence in nursing care, serves as an advocate for patients, families and/​or commu­ni­ties, makes a recog­niz­able differ­ence through their practice and embodies the essence of the nursing profes­sion. Blissitt has more than 40 years of experi­ence in neuro­science nursing. She has published in numerous publi­ca­tions including peer-reviewed newslet­ters, journals, online publi­ca­tions, and books. 

Dr. C. June Strick­land Distin­guished Diver­sity & Transcul­tural Nursing Advocate Award
Frankie Manning (WSNA member), retired nurse execu­tive. This award honors a nurse who advocates for the needs of under­rep­re­sented popula­tions and commu­ni­ties, encour­ages dialogue and reflec­tion regarding societal power imbal­ances; and demon­strates leader­ship in promoting diver­sity in nursing. Manning is currently a consul­tant for health­care organi­za­tions, where she provides guidance relative to execu­tive leader­ship and labor relations. She is a retired nurse execu­tive from VA Puget Sound Health Care System and a retired Army nurse. After retire­ment, she started a consul­tant service with a focus on elimi­nating health care dispar­i­ties and homeless­ness. She also serves as the outreach coordi­nator for the Mary Mahoney Profes­sional Organi­za­tion. As one of the leaders in nursing, she plans and design systems to increase the number of nurses of color in nursing. Manning serves on numerous boards and commu­nity organi­za­tions, where she directs her efforts to improving the lives of under­served people.

Distin­guished Advocate, Admin­is­trator, Leader

Katie Johnson (WSNA member), Lecturer – Child, Family, and Popula­tion Health Nursing. This award recog­nizes an individual who demon­strates excel­lence in nursing advocacy, patient advocacy, admin­is­tra­tion and leader­ship; serves as a champion for the nursing profes­sion, actively seeks to improve nursing manage­ment, admin­is­tra­tion and goes above and beyond across the nursing practice continuum. Johnson is board certi­fied in both school nursing and advanced practice public health nursing. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and the National Academy of School Nurses; a Robert Wood Johnson Execu­tive Nurse Fellow, and a Johnson & Johnson School Health Fellow. She is one of the archi­tects of a nation­ally standard­ized school health data collec­tion program designed to identify the needs of school aged children and the ways in which school nurses meet those needs.

Distin­guished Advocate, Admin­is­trator, Leader

Lois Schipper (WSNA member), Nurse Super­visor Depart­ment of Adult and Juvenile Deten­tion, Children and Family Justice Center. This award recog­nizes an individual who demon­strates excel­lence in nursing advocacy, patient advocacy, admin­is­tra­tion and leader­ship; serves as a champion for the nursing profes­sion. Schipper is currently working as the nursing super­visor for health services at King County Juvenile Deten­tion. She has had a long career as a public health leader and advocate in local, state, national and inter­na­tional settings.

Peter Dyer Heart of Nursing Award
Trudi Inslee, First Lady of Washington state. The award acknowl­edges an individual or group who embodies the ideals of the UW School of Nursing and whose leader­ship, dedica­tion, and contri­bu­tions reflect an ongoing commit­ment to advance the nursing profes­sion. Over the years Trudi Inslee has worked with local nonprofits that focus on the needs of women and children. As First Lady, Trudi continues to support social service programs and organi­za­tions that provide services for women and children who are victims of sexual assault, homeless­ness, suicide preven­tion and hunger while also supporting early learning programs and health care for all. She is currently an Ambas­sador for Washington State Nursing NOW.