How do we decide? #

Wa nurse pac

Wach election cycle, the Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion Polit­ical Action Committee (WSNA-PAC) receives dozens of requests for endorse­ment. Why? Because candi­dates value the support of nurses, and WSNA-PAC’s endorse­ment sends a strong message to voters.

WSNA-PAC supports candi­dates and incum­bents who are strong on nursing and patient safety issues, regard­less of polit­ical party affiliation.

As nurses, we value trans­parency and integrity — and our endorse­ment process reflects that.

Outreach to all candidates #

As part of a fair endorse­ment process, WSNA-PAC reaches out to all candi­dates who file with the Secre­tary of State to run for the state legis­la­ture or statewide office, such as governor or attorney general.

Each candi­date is emailed a candi­date question­naire, which they are invited to complete and send back to the WSNA-PAC Board. Not all candi­dates choose to respond to the WSNA-PAC, but all candi­dates are invited to partic­i­pate in the endorse­ment process.

Candidate evaluation #

The WSNA-PAC board evalu­ates candi­dates based on:

  • Candi­date questionnaire
    The first step of WSNA-PAC’s endorse­ment process is the candi­date question­naire. Candi­dates receive a document that outlines nursing policy and budget prior­i­ties, and asks candi­dates how they would address or vote on certain issues if elected. Each question­naire that is returned to the WSNA-PAC Board is scored, and candi­dates are invited to interview.
  • Candi­date interview
    Candi­dates who choose to inter­view with WSNA-PAC Board members and nurses have an oppor­tu­nity to engage in deeper conver­sa­tion about their backgrounds, experi­ences and prior­i­ties. These inter­views also give candi­dates the oppor­tu­nity to hear directly from nurses about the budget and policy issues that affect nurses and patients. WSNA-PAC Board members and nurses who partic­i­pate in candi­date inter­views complete an evalu­a­tion of each candi­date interview.
  • Legisla­tive voting record (incum­bents only)
    Candi­dates currently serving in the legis­la­ture (referred to as incum­bents”) are also evalu­ated on how they voted on nursing prior­i­ties and key issues. WSNA’s 2017 and 2018 Legisla­tive Voting Records are printed in this issue of The Washington Nurse and avail­able online. These records illus­trate that most nursing issues have bipar­tisan support.

In addition to these evalu­a­tion tools, WSNA-PAC also takes into account the makeup of the legisla­tive district and past voting patterns.