One strong voice: WSNA members are stepping up in uncertain times

This story was published in the Fall 2020 issue of The Washington Nurse magazine.

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In the midst of a pandemic, systemic racism and West Coast wildfires, WSNA members are still lending their strong, collective voices to the need for workplace safety, transparency and equity. #

All over Washington state, nurses are engaging with elected officials and candi­dates — advocating for themselves, their patients, the nursing profes­sion, and candi­dates seeking public office who will make nursing and health issues a priority.

This is powerful. Today, more than ever, candi­dates are seeking endorse­ments from groups repre­senting the pandemic’s heroes. Nurses and the WSNA-PAC are on the top of their lists.

Together, our involve­ment in these critical races and with our current elected officials is elevating our profes­sion and our associ­a­tion. The Washington State Wire, an online news site covering Olympia and state politics, recently called WSNA one of the state’s most produc­tive advocacy organi­za­tions for their members in recent years.” That achieve­ment only comes from thousands of nurses making phone calls, writing emails, showing up in Olympia, engaging on social media, donating to the WSNA-PAC and supporting candi­dates. Your actions build our collec­tive power. We are one strong voice.

Decoding WSNA-PAC’s endorsement process #

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Each election cycle, the WSNA-PAC receives dozens of requests for endorse­ment. Why? Because candi­dates value the support of nurses, and WSNA-PAC’s endorse­ment sends a strong message to voters. WSNA-PAC supports candi­dates and incum­bents who are strong on nursing and patient safety issues, regard­less of polit­ical party affiliation.

2020 general election endorsements #

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The WSNA-PAC has endorsed the following candi­dates running for statewide office and the Washington State Legis­la­ture. The 2020 general election is Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Not sure what legisla­tive district you’re in? Check here.

Vote for nurses – meet the candidates #

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Who better to make state-level health policy decisions than a nurse? Each year, the Washington State Legis­la­ture considers hundreds of health care bills — many of which directly impact patient safety, nursing scope of practice and licen­sure, and working condi­tions in our state’s health care facilities.

Thinking about running for office? #

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Nurses make outstanding lawmakers, and right now we don’t have enough of them. Trained in critical thinking, nurses have many of the neces­sary skills to quickly process infor­ma­tion to make decisions. Of course, nurses also keep health at the forefront of policy decisions. If you are thinking about running for office, from school board to state legis­la­ture, taking these steps in advance will help you succeed.

Approve Referendum 90: Protecting the health and safety of our students #

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In 2019, a coali­tion of parents, educa­tors, medical profes­sionals and advocates worked to pass a law in Washington state focused on keeping young people safe and healthy. The 2020 Legis­la­ture passed the proposal, ESSB 5395, after engage­ment with commu­ni­ties, parents and educa­tors. Both the School Nurse Organi­za­tion of Washington and WSNA supported this legislation.

2019 and 2020 legislative voting records #

As part of its endorse­ment process, the WSNA-PAC Board reviews the voting records of candi­dates currently serving in the Legis­la­ture. The legis­lator voting records are devel­oped based on priority bills that WSNA supported during the state legisla­tive sessions. Not all WSNA priority bills were voted on in both chambers, which is why the bill lists differ from Senate to House. As the voting records below indicate, most nursing issues have bipar­tisan support in Olympia.