Strike date set: Nurses and healthcare workers at Sacred Heart, Holy Family to announce strike plan Jan. 3

Press conference planned for 8:30 a.m. on Jan. 3 cancelled.
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13,000 caregivers from WSNA, SEIU Health­care 1199NW and UFCW 21 escalate action as patient safety crisis continues

WHO: Nurses from the Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion at Sacred Heart Medical Center and UFCW 21 service and mainte­nance workers at Sacred Heart and Holy Family Hospital.

WHAT: Press confer­ence announcing intent of 13,000 workers to strike at Sacred Heart and 12 other Provi­dence hospital locations across Washington state.

WHEN: Friday, January 3, 8:30 a.m.

WHERE: WSNA Strike Headquar­ters, 44 W. 6th Ave, Spokane.

SPOKANE — The nurses and health­care workers of the Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion, UFCW 21 and SEIU Health­care 1199NW will announce their intent to strike in press confer­ences Friday to be held in Seattle and Spokane.

After months or in some cases years of negoti­a­tions, caregivers at Provi­dence facil­i­ties across Washington state say contract proposals put forth by Provi­dence still do not address workers’ serious patient care concerns or fix ongoing unfair labor practices.

At Sacred Heart, nurses have proposals on the table that include safe staffing levels that guarantee enough nurses to care for every patient, common-sense workplace violence preven­tion measures to protect nurses and patients, and protec­tion of paid time off and sick time nurses have earned. UFCW 21 members at Sacred Heart, Holy Family as well as in other Provi­dence hospi­tals across the state including St Mary’s in Walla Walla also have similar proposals on the table to address patient care and safety, protecting earned time off so we can stay home when sick without losing pay or feeling pressured by manage­ment, and also be able to have a compen­sa­tion package to recruit and retain quality staff to care for our patients.

After more than a year of negoti­a­tions, Sacred Heart nurses join with 13,000 Provi­dence health care workers in their intent to strike for patient safety.

Sacred Heart nurses and other health care workers from UFCW 21 are also consid­ering a strike because of Management’s multiple unfair labor practices, including inter­fering with nurses’ right to concerted activity and failing to bargain in good faith. In addition to other illegal conduct, manage­ment has engaged in illegal intim­i­da­tion, inter­ro­ga­tion about union activ­i­ties, direct dealing, threat­ened retal­i­a­tion for protected union activity, prohibiting lawful union insignia, unilat­eral changes in working condi­tions, and failing to timely provide infor­ma­tion for bargaining.

Caregivers from all three unions believe Provi­dence has committed multiple unfair labor practices at bargaining tables across the state.

Health care workers from WSNA, UFCW 21 and SEIU Health­care 1199NW at Provi­dence facil­i­ties across the state are unified in their intent to strike. Together, we are taking on a multi-state system with a corpo­rate-wide strategy to cut benefits for health care workers. Provi­dence is a $24 billion corpo­ra­tion that sits on an $11 billion cash reserve. They can afford to provide good benefits and wages to the nurses and health­care workers they employ.


About WSNA
WSNA is the leading voice and advocate for nurses in Washington state, providing repre­sen­ta­tion, educa­tion and resources that allow nurses to reach their full profes­sional poten­tial and focus on caring for patients. WSNA repre­sents more than 17,000 regis­tered nurses for collec­tive bargaining across the state.

About UFCW 21
UFCW 21 is working to build a powerful union that fights for economic, polit­ical and social justice in our workplaces and our commu­ni­ties. We repre­sent over 45,000 workers in retail, grocery stores, health care, and other indus­tries in Washington state.

About SEIU Health­care 1199NW
SEIU Health­care 1199NW is a union of nurses and health­care workers with over 30,000 caregivers throughout hospi­tals, clinics, mental health, skilled home health and hospice programs in Washington state and Montana. SEIU Health­care 1199NW’s mission is to advocate for quality care and good jobs for all.


Ruth Schubert, WSNA


Tom Geiger, UFCW 21