Run for office

Nurses make outstanding lawmakers, and right now we don’t have enough of them. Trained in critical thinking, nurses have many of the neces­sary skills to quickly process infor­ma­tion to make decisions.

Of course, nurses also keep health at the forefront of policy decisions.

If you are thinking about running for office, from school board to state legis­la­ture, taking these steps in advance will help you succeed.

Contact WSNA’s Public Affairs team #

WSNA’s Public Affairs team is well versed in surveying the elections landscape. The team can also connect you to WSNA partner organi­za­tions — locally, statewide and nation­ally. If you are seriously consid­ering running for office, your Public Affairs team can work with you to evaluate your candi­dacy and create next steps.

Attend campaign trainings #

If you are consid­ering running for office, campaign and candi­date train­ings can set you up for success. WSNA recom­mends attending campaign and candi­date train­ings well in advance of filing to run. These train­ings will help you evaluate your readi­ness to run. Each training will also walk you through the steps to set up a successful campaign — from fundraising, to grass­roots, to media. Here are some of the campaign train­ings WSNA recommends:

Get involved locally #

Spend time getting to know your local organi­za­tions and join your local party organi­za­tion (this is especially impor­tant in state legisla­tive races). Get involved with your local Democ­ratic or Repub­lican Party. Learn about the players and let them get to know you. This is also a great way to learn more about what issues matter most to the people you hope to serve!

Start early #

This one deserves emphasis! If you are planning to run for office, starting these steps a year in advance of when you run will better prepare you for the road ahead. It will also give you time to build key relation­ships, identify friends and family who will give you grass­roots power, and ensure you have the tools to be successful.