Election results for 2021 – 2023 biennium

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Observed by remote video, votes are tallied by Integrity Voting Systems on Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Credit: Ben Tilden

Congrat­u­la­tions to these WSNA members elected by their peers to serve in positions of leader­ship during our 2021 – 2023 biennium!

Names of election winners are followed by their regional nurses associ­a­tion and home city.

Board of Directors #

  • Presi­dent: Lynnette Vehrs, IENA, Spokane
  • Vice-Presi­dent: Justin Gill, NWRNA, Bothell
  • Secretary/​Treasurer: Martha Goodall, IENA, Mead
  • Chair, Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare: Julia Barcott, CWRNA, Yakima
  • Chair, Legisla­tive Health and Health Policy Council: Erin Allison, NWRNA, Bellingham
  • Chair, Profes­sional Nursing and Health Care Council: Chuck Cumiskey, RONA, Olympia
  • At-Large: Phoebe Dang Lim-Vuong, KCNA, Kent
  • At-Large: John Gustafson, RONA, Poulsbo
  • At-Large: Heather Stephen-Selby, KCNA, Renton
  • Staff Nurse: Sara Bergen­holtz, NCWRN, Wenatchee
  • Staff Nurse: Martha Galvez, SERNA, Pasco

Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare #

  • Chair­person: Julia Barcott, CWRNA, Yakima
  • Vice-Chair: Edna Cortez, KCNA, Edmonds
  • Secretary/​Treasurer: David Jacob Garcia, SERNA, Pasco
  • At-Large: Kathryn Ennis, RONA, Puyallup
  • At-Large: Susan E. Jacobson, CWRNA, Yakima
  • At-Large: Sean Dumas, KCNA, Shoreline
  • At-Large: Darryl Johnson, IENA, Spokane
  • At-Large: Jon Olson, SWRNA, Kelso
  • At-Large: Ruby Crisos­tomo Tan, KCNA, Maple Valley

An additional appoint­ment will be made by the Cabinet at a future date.

Professional Nursing and Health Care Council #

  • Chair­person: Chuck Cumiskey, RONA, Olympia
  • Admin­is­tra­tion: Rachel Wang, KCNA, Seattle
  • Educa­tion: Antwinett Lee, KCNA, Lynnwood
  • Ethics and Human Rights: Rosa Young, KCNA, Seattle
  • Practice: Angelica Schmidt, KCNA, Seattle
  • Research: Anne Hirsch, KCNA, Seattle
  • At-Large: Pam Pasquale, NCRNA, Wenatchee

Four (4) additional members will be appointed to the PNHCC when the WSNA Board of Direc­tors meets on August 20, 2021.

Legislative and Health Policy Council #

  • Chair­person: Erin Allison, NWRNA, Bellingham
  • At-Large: Ingrid Anderson, KCNA, Snoqualmie
  • At-Large: Stephanie Wahlgren, NWRNA, Sedro-Woolley
  • At-Large: Jessica Lewellen, IENA, Spokane

Three (3) additional members will be appointed to the Legisla­tive Council when the WSNA Board of Direc­tors on August 20, 2021.

WSNA Nominations / Search Committee #

  • Suzanne Baek, KCNA, Federal Way
  • Sue Glass, IENA, Spokane
  • Evette Runyan, CWRNA, Yakima
  • Brenda Shaw, IENA, Spokane

E&GW Nominating / Search Committee #

  • Lisa Bullek, CWRNA, Yakima
  • Anjanette Bryant, CWRNA, Ellensburg

An additional appoint­ment will be made by the Cabinet at a future date.

2022 AFT National Convention Delegates #

  1. Anjanette Bryant
  2. Clara Bucio-Martinez
  3. Darryl Johnson
  4. David Jacob Garcia
  5. Diane Cantu
  6. Edna Cortez
  7. Evette Runyon
  8. Janie Patterson
  9. Jessica Lewellen
  10. Jon Olson
  11. Julia Barcott
  12. Kathryn Ennis
  13. Tristan Twohig
  14. Lisa Bullek
  15. Martha Galvez
  16. Martha Goodall
  17. Ruby Tan
  18. Sean Dumas
  19. Susan E. Jacobson
  20. Susie Cervantes

1st Alter­nate: Karen Banks

ANA Membership Assembly Delegates #

  1. Office of the WSNA Presi­dent (Lynnette Vehrs) by virtue of the Bylaws
  2. Justin Gill
  3. David Jacob Garcia
  4. Rosa Young
  5. Ingrid Anderson
  6. Edna Cortez
  7. John Gustafson
  8. Judy Huntington
  9. Chuck Cumiskey
  10. Antwinett Lee
  11. Jan Bussert
  12. Phoebe Dang Lim-Vuong
  13. Sue Glass

If WSNA is allotted more than 13 repre­sen­ta­tives or one cannot go, additional elected Alter­nates Repre­sen­ta­tives would become a 2022 – 2023 WSNA Voting Repre­sen­ta­tive in order of the number of votes received. The first five elected alter­nates in order of votes are:

  1. Tristan Twohig
  2. Mikey Anne O’Sullivan
  3. Martha Goodall
  4. Erin Allison
  5. Julia Barcott

A full listing of the Election results is avail­able on request. Election results will be posted on the WSNA web-site and will be printed in the upcoming Fall issue of the Washington Nurse. Newly elected WSNA officials will also receive official notifi­ca­tion by letter in the coming weeks.