Your voices were heard, and your activism made a difference

This story was published in the Fall 2021 issue of The Washington Nurse magazine.

Your voices were heard

The Washington State Legislature’s 2021 Regular Session adjourned sine die on April 25, marking the end of the 2021 legisla­tive session. While the remote session presented new challenges, it also allowed for greater public partic­i­pa­tion — and the legis­la­ture made signif­i­cant accomplishments.

WSNA members from every corner of our state came to Olympia — albeit virtu­ally — during the session to share stories from the front lines of the pandemic. You provided testi­mony on legis­la­tion to protect health care workers, expand commu­nity access to health care and require more detailed and trans­parent reporting of hospital systems revenues and expen­di­tures. Your partic­i­pa­tion in the legisla­tive process helped shape impor­tant policy that will have lasting impact.

Your voices were heard, and your activism made the differ­ence. Thank you for being part of the process during the 2021 legisla­tive session.

2021 budget priorities #

The Washington State Legis­la­ture passed its final 2021 – 23 operating budget on April 25, appro­pri­ating $10.6 billion in COVID-19 federal stimulus funds and $59 billion in state revenue. The Legis­la­ture also passed a Capital Gains Tax to fund the expan­sion and afford­ability of child­care, early learning and K‑12 educa­tion. Notably, the final budget makes signif­i­cant invest­ments in our state’s public health system and provides new funding to double the invest­ment in the School Nurse Corps — two long-time WSNA budget prior­i­ties. Read the 2021 End of Session Report.

Covid 19 intensifies the national nursing shortage 2

Nearly every state in the country is in dire need of nurses. Yet, the solutions are obvious. The only way out of this crisis is through a massive invest­ment in our country’s nursing educa­tion infra­struc­ture and personnel. Read more…

2021 Legis­lator Voting Record #

The 2021 Legis­lator Voting Record was devel­oped based on priority bills that WSNA supported during the 2021 state legisla­tive session. Not all WSNA priority bills were voted on in both chambers, which is why the bills lists differ from Senate to House. As the voting records indicate, most nursing issues have bipar­tisan support in Olympia.