Primary election results are in!

Learn how each of our WSNA-PAC endorsed candidates performed in the election, including two WSNA nurses.

Illustration election

This week Washington state held their primary election. Your WSNA-PAC watches these election results closely to see how our endorsed candidates perform. The criteria that the WSNA-PAC Board uses in order to cast endorsements is largely based on each candidate’s support for nurses, as well as voting records if they are incumbents. For more details on the criteria that is carefully considered for each candidate requesting a WSNA-PAC endorsement please click here. If you would like to look up who your legislators are before viewing election results, you may click here and use your home address to determine which Legislative District you live in.

The Secretary of State’s website is updated regularly with results as counties report. As a reminder, the WSNA-PAC endorses candidates at the state level only, we do not endorse federal candidates.

Below is a detailed accounting of how each of our WSNA-PAC endorsed candidates performed initially in the election, including two of our very own *WSNA nurses in the 18th and 17th legislative districts:

State Legislature Primary Results (as of 4 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 3):

LDChamberPos.CandidatePrimary results ((as of 8/3/22 at 4pm)
1House1Rep. Davina Deurr (D)71.77%
1House2Rep. Shelley Kloba (D)72.16%
3House1Rep. Marcus Riccelli (D)64.92%
5House1Rep. Bill Ramos (D)59.22%
5House2Rep. Lisa Callan (D)56.59%
6SenateSenator Jeff Holy (R)94.39%
8House2April Connors (R )35.05%
9House2Rep. Joe Schmick (R )95.68%
10House1Clyde Shavers (D)53.22%
10House2Rep. Dave Paul (D)55.65%
11House1Rep. Dave Hackney (D69.28%
11House2Rep. Steve Bergquist (D)68.15%
18House1John Zingale (D)49.30%
20House1Rep. Peter Abbarno (R)94.96%
21House1Rep. Strom Peterson (D67.70%
21House2Rep. Lilian Ortiz-Self (D)66.39%
22House1Beth Doglio (D)52.01%
22House2Rep. Jessica Bateman (D)62.86%
23House1Rep. Tarra Simmons (D)65.51%
23House2Rep. Drew Hansen (D)67.34%
24House2Rep. Steve Tharinger (D)54.12%
26SenateEmily Randall (D)53.32%
26House2Rep. Michelle Caldier (R )53.24%
27SenateSenator Yasmin Trudeau (D)70.09%
27House1Speaker Laurie Jinkins (D)71.21%
27House2Rep. Jake Fey (D)69.20%
28House1Rep. Jake Fey (D)69.20%
28House1Rep. Mari Leavitt (D)58.19%
28House2Rep. Dan Bronoske (D)54.99%
29SenateSenator Steve Conway (D58.69%
29House2Sharlett Mena (D)41.07%
30SenateSenator Claire Wilson (D)55.32%
30House1Jamila Taylor (D)55.31%
30House2Kristine Reeves (D)44.59%
32House2Rep. Lauren Davis (D)80.50%
33SenateKaren Keiser (D)91.86%
33House1Rep. Tina Orwall (D)92.99%
33House2Rep. Mia Gregerson (D)92.51%
34SenateJoe Nguyen (D)82.69%
34House2Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (D)83.07%
36SenateRep. Noel Frame (D)81.27%
36House2Rep. Liz Berry (D)96.96%
37SenateRebecca Saldana (D)97.24%
37House1Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos (D)90.54%
38SenateSenator June Robinson (D)59.52%
38House1Julio Cortes (D)40.22%
38House2Mary Fosse (D)57.62%
39House1Sam Low (R )26.42%
40House1Rep. Debra Lekanoff (D)94.88%
40House2Rep. Alex Ramel (D)74.73%
41House1Rep. Tana Senn (D)79.46%
41House2Rep. My-Linh Thai (D)70.23%
42SenateRep. Sharon Shewmake (D)47.64%
42House1Rep. Alicia Rule (D)48.82%
43SenateJamie Pederson (D)97.76%
43House1Rep. Nicole Macri (D)97.94%
43House2Rep. Frank Chopp (D)97.41%
44SenateSenator. John Lovick (D)59.32%
44House1Brandy Donaghy (D54.27%
44House2Rep. April Berg (D)57.47%
45SenateSenator Manka Dhingra66.31%
45House2Rep. Larry Springer (D)72.75%
46SenateRep. Javier Valdez (D)82.04%
46House1Rep. Gerry Pollet (D)83.83%
47SenateSatwinder Kaur (D)27.29%
47House1Rep. Debra Entenman (D)56.28%
48SenatePatty Kuderer (D)71.92%
48House1Rep. Vandana Slatter (D)93.85%