2024 Washington Nurse — Review Quiz

How much did you absorb while reading this issue? Find out by taking this quiz. Answer these questions based on what you've read. Try not to peek at the answers, but remember — it's just for fun!

This story was published in the Winter 2024 issue of The Washington Nurse.

24 wa nurse winer quiz
  1. How many nurses in the Seattle Children’s Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit signed a letter to hospital leadership requesting urgent help?
  2. Is WSNA President Justin Gill an individual member of WSNA or represented by WSNA for collective bargaining?
  3. What does Kathleen Thompson say is necessary to succeed as a home health nurse?
  4. What was a turning point in the Virginia Mason contract?
  5. When is the Leadership Conference?
  6. What is WA–NAHN?
  7. What incident moved Brad Rathke to advocate for change at Virginia Mason?
  8. Did Minnesota pass ratios?
  9. Which facility recently celebrated 50 years of WSNA representation?
  10. What is Intro to Advocacy?