Mary Reed steps down after 30 years

Mary Reed, our finance director for 30 years, stepped down in January.

This story was published in the Spring-Summer 2024 issue of The Washington Nurse.

55 illustration Mary Reed steps down after 30 years

Mary Reed, our finance director for 30 years, stepped down in January.

Reed worked quietly in the background, doing the essential work that needed to be done to keep WSNA going. She was here during some of the most difficult times for WSNA.

“Mary provided invaluable contributions to WSNA,” said David Keepnews, executive director of WSNA. “Mary’s knowledge of the organization and her willingness to do whatever it takes has been a huge gift to all of us.”

Those who worked with Reed said she had an invaluable depth and skill set and always delivered. She is called an unsung hero by former employees.

“Didn’t matter day or night. Mary was always there to provide the kind of stability that we needed,” said Judith Huntington who became executive director in 1999. “I am forever grateful for having the ability to work with her.”

Huntington said she spent more than 20 years with Reed and could not have done some of the changes needed without Reed’s incredible help and dedication.

“Her strong suit was pen, paper, and figures,” said Huntington. “She didn’t complain about a huge workload.”

A photo of Mary Reed with Barack Obama is on display at WSNA. Reed was a big champion of WSNA’s work to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“We will always be grateful for everything Mary did for WSNA and our members, and we wish her the best in retirement,” said Keepnews.

She is succeeded by WSNA’s new Director of Finance Huey Yeh.