Last year, SHB1155 was passed and went into effect Jan. 1, 2020. Within the bill is the option for employees to waive second and third meal breaks. WSNA is supportive of this. Most nurses who work 12 hour shifts choose not to stay another half hour longer. For example, if an employee works 7 – 1900, not waiving the second meal break would mean that the employee would have to stay until 2000. If that same employee decided to waive the second meal break, they would be able to leave at 1930. This decision is completely up to the employee and can be rescinded at any time.

Your waiver is also avail­able on the CWH intranet.

According to the law, you cannot waive your rest breaks and they are to be uninter­rupted. According to our contract, rest breaks are 15 minutes long. The law indicates 10 minute breaks, unless you are repre­sented by a collec­tive bargaining agree­ment. If your break is inter­rupted, you need to document the missed break unless someone is able to relieve you of duty for an uninter­rupted break.

Union Leader­ship Confer­ence 2020

This March, don’t miss WSNA’s annual labor training event at Campbell’s Resort in Chelan, Washington. Join nurses from around the state as we convene to get an update on the national and state labor scenes, to learn how to be more effec­tive leaders in our own workplaces, to celebrate our successes, and to strate­gize for what’s coming next.

WSNA Lobby Day in Olympia

Your voice is needed in Olympia — earn 2.75 CNE while advocating for your profes­sion and your patients!

Nurses are the most trusted profes­sion and make outstanding advocates. You showed that loud and clear last session – let’s build on that momentum at WSNA’s 2020 Lobby Day!