COVID-19 Corner #

It’s been almost 6 months since our WSNA officers started having regular meetings with manage­ment. We started meeting once a week and have now moved to bi-weekly. Manage­ment has been providing COVID-19 updates as well as talking about issues we would normally bring up in Confer­ence Committee (gener­ally held the first Monday of every month). This has been an extremely challenging time. Our officers have worked hard to keep current on issues and rapid daily changes (especially at the begin­ning of April).

We’d like to hear from you. Please take a few moments to complete the WSNA/CWH COVID-19 survey

Nursing Town Hall #

Tracey Kasnic and Juli McAlister are holding a Nursing Town Hall via TEAMS. We are encour­aging all members to attend. The purpose of this meeting is open commu­ni­ca­tion and trans­parency. What are your concerns? We all know commu­ni­ca­tion goes both ways. Please send your questions to Deborah.Navarro@CONFLUENCEHEALTH.ORG

Date: September 3

Time: 1600 – 1700

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 509 – 888-0034 United States, Spokane (Toll)

Confer­ence ID: 387 194 297#

In Unity,

Your WSNA LU Officers,

Crystal Clabaugh, Chair

Nicholas Jackson, Co-Chair

Lorna Sebas­tian, Secretary

Stefanie Gates, Treasurer

Paul Stamilio, Griev­ance Officer

Michelle Rae, Griev­ance Officer

Paul Molenaar, Membership