Contract bargaining update


WSNA nurses met in bargaining for our fourth session last Friday, Nov. 19. While we share the employer’s desire to wrap up bargaining as soon as possible, we will not be pressured to take a bad deal.

  • WSNA nurses proposed a retention bonus, which shows the hospital takes the retention of nursing staff seriously. The employer’s response is an appreciation bonus up to $1000 pro-rated to your FTE. If you work a 0.6 FTE that would gross $600 before taxes. We do not feel this appreciation bonus adequately addresses the retention of nurses.
  • We proposed wage increases over the next three years that would keep EvergreenHealth competitive to recruit and retain nurses.
  • We are seeking language that would help ensure that you are able to safely take meal and rest breaks. The employer responded with language making it easier for them to interrupt your lunch periods and allow lunch periods to be scheduled at any time in your shift. This is a slippery slope around our working conditions.

We appreciated everyone stickering up and showing solidarity with the bargaining team last Friday! Please reach out to the bargaining team if you have any questions.

In unity,
Your bargaining team:
Alicia O’Neal – Hospice Center
Beth Volk – 7 Silver OSN
Holly Baker – ED – Local Unit Treasurer
Jamie Amick – PACU
Karen Lasota – Home Hospice
Lexi Overa – ED
Sandy Gott – FMC – Grievance Officer
Theresa Blazer – FMC – Local Unit Chair

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Bret Percival at bpercival@wsna.org.