Happy Labor Day Weekend

WSNA wishes all of you a happy Labor Day Weekend, acknowledging many of you will be working and caring for the community this holiday weekend. Nurses organized back in the 1970s at Evergreen and have countless hours spent in negotiations, rallies, events, committees, and late-night meetings to get all the benefits you rightly deserve in this contract:

Your WSNA contract with updated pay reflects the eight percent raise we won!

This weekend, please consider how you have benefited from the labor movement and the nurses and other workers who worked hard for what you have today. The future improvements, and even the fight to keep what you now have, will come from the efforts of all of you today moving forward.

Do not be misguided to think someone else will do this for you. Refrain from being fooled to believe the employer will gladly give you a raise and ensure you have the needed staff without constant pressure from union nurses. Your union membership, dues, votes, and active participation will determine your future and that of the kids today who don’t even know that they will be the nurses of the future.

Here is a link from the Washington State Labor Council if you’re looking for some local labor-related events this weekend. For those of you caring for patients this weekend, thank you for what you do, and enjoy that holiday pay labor brought to you!

In solidarity,
Theresa Blazer, FMC, Local Unit Chair
Holly Baker, Kirkland ED, Treasurer
Sandy Gott, FMC, Grievance Officer