Our bargaining team met for the second session with management on Tuesday, Oct. 16

We are in the beginning stages of the negotiation process and have received the employer’s initial proposal. While we are only in the initial stages of bargaining, we have our work cut out for us. We are up for the challenge!

Some of the bigger issues are staffing, benefits and compensation. A few other issues include rest breaks, transport nurse and Per Diem scheduling and availability. Our next session is Friday, Oct. 26, stay tuned for further updates.

Unity is power—the more active WSNA members we have, the stronger we are at the negotiating table. Join WSNA today and get involved in supporting our contract negotiations. Together, we win.

In solidarity,

Clarise Mahler, Chair (CCU); hapilark@gmail.com
Debbie Pronk, Grievance Officer (PACU); dppbee@gmail.com
Jomay Ruiz, Secretary/Treasurer (FMC); ruiz.jomay@gmail.com
Linda Snyder, Membership Officer (7 Silver); lsnyder1@eastern.edu
Val Artamonova, Membership Officer (Home Hospice); valeriya.art@gmail.com
Jessica Taylor – 6 Silver; Neelam Kaur – 4 Silver; Holly Baker – ED; Lexi Overa – ED; Beth Selander – OR; Caine Ballew – Float Pool; Charina Alvarez – PACU; Theresa Blazer – FMC; Kathy Silvas – NICU/Peds; Ryan O’Neill-Hawkins – CCU; Alicia O’Neal - Hospice Care Center; Rebecca Roop-Kharasch – Home Health; and Terri Williams, MS, RN; WSNA Nurse Rep (twilliams@wsna.org)