The plan to win for safe staffing right here at Evergreen includes ALL the nurses, and YOU are needed to make it happen.

Who and What: If you have not signed the crucial petition that so many Evergreen RNs have....yet 🙂 Your peers need the help of ALL Evergreen RNs to make this collective action truly matter and for the employer to take heed and ACT!

Why: To achieve the improvements Evergreen RNs and patients need and deserve, it will take a super majority of the nurses to make this a REALLY impactful action. The WSNA nurses have learned that direct action works and we must continue to do what works. Whether a single RN or all RNs, all departments are experiencing inconsistent, inadequate staffing and related factors that place Evergreen RNs and patients at risk. Let's take this big action together to prevent that. Evergreen RNs and the patients you care for deserve this and more. You are not alone. This is a legally protected activity. No Evergreen RN left behind! Petition activists may not have seen you and/or you have not signed on, yet. Stay tuned for the next steps to amplify this action next week.

When: Today or ASAP before Feb. 20, takes just 1-2 minutes

Questions about this petition? Call or text Tara Barnes, WSNA Organizer, at 206-713-2241

  1. We support our fellow WSNA nurse MJ Meyers-Barnes RN.
  2. We should not be liable for EvergreenHealth’s failure to provide safe staffing levels.
  3. We support our patients and demand the staffing we need to care for our patients.
  4. We call on EvergreenHealth to prioritize safe staffing and worker retention.

To quote Karen in EHCS: "When one nurse (or healthcare worker) is targeted or scapegoated in our midst, then that puts even more pressure on us all. We and our patients are even more at risk. The safest strategy for all of us is to stick together and push, push, push for safe staffing, rational scheduling, and enough rest for the workers. All the time. Every day. It's about our community y'all!"

When Evergreen RNs unite in action, everybody wins!

In Solidarity,

Your WSNA officers
Theresa Blazer FMC
Holly Baker Kirkland ED
Sandy Gott FMC