We have a contract!

On Feb. 3, WSNA RNs turned out in record numbers and an overwhelming majority voted to ratify the contract. The EvergreenHealth Board approved this contract on Feb. 4. The contract still needs to be finalized and prepared by WSNA and the employer. We will notify and post it on the WSNA EvergreenHealth webpage once it is complete. The team fought hard for this contract. Please take a moment to thank them!

Advocating for our working conditions doesn't end at this contract. Now is a great time to get involved! Please reach out to any of your WSNA Officers, bargaining team members, Nurse Rep, or Nurse Organizer Tara Barnes, tbarnes@wsna.org for more information.

Pay Raise and Bonus

  • The 6 percent pay increase is retroactive to November 1, 2021. The employer will have two full pay periods to calculate the amounts due.
  • The first retention bonus payment to all those who qualify will be paid on March 11, 2022. Check the contract summary for more details.

Please don't hesitate to contact Nurse Rep Bret Percival for any questions or concerns at bpercival@wsna.org.

In solidarity,
Your EvergreenHealth bargaining team: Alicia O’Neal, Beth Volk, Holly Baker, Karen Lasota, Lexi Overa, Sandy Gott, Theresa Blazer