Starting on 9/27/20, all RNs with a BSN (or higher nursing degree) will be eligible for a $1/​hour premium. Even if you believe that Multi­care already has your degree on file, please re-submit verifi­ca­tion in order to guarantee that you receive this premium.

Per HR, the three accept­able documents for degree verifi­ca­tion are:

  • A transcript that denotes the degree given and when it was awarded/​conferred
  • A diploma,
  • A letter from the insti­tu­tion affirming the degree and date awarded.

These documents can be submitted either via the Employee Resource Intranet page or faxed to 253 – 403-7965.

Faxing is highly recom­mended in order to have clear confir­ma­tion that it’s been submitted. (Please keep the fax confir­ma­tion until verifying that this is correctly being applied to your paycheck!)

Lastly, if your educa­tion was conferred under a different name, HR may need extra time to process the documen­ta­tion.

Special thanks are due to your negoti­a­tion team for helping to secure this benefit!

If you have any questions, please contact your WSNA nurse repre­sen­ta­tive, Sara Strite, at