It’s time to elect WSNA Local Unit Officers to repre­sent RNs at Multi­Care Good Samar­itan. The elected positions are Chair­person, Vice Chair­person, Secre­tary, Treasurer, Griev­ance officers (multiple).

Chair: The Local Unit Chair coordi­nates the local unit. They are respon­sible for ensuring the goals are met and accom­plishing the business of the local unit. The goals work to keep members informed and involved, uphold the Local Unit Rules, and ensure commit­tees are functional and account­able. The Chair runs local unit meetings. 

Vice- Chair: The Local Unit Vice- Chair works closely with the Chair and helps meet the goals of the Local Unit and Members. The Vice- Chair runs local unit meetings when the Chair is unavail­able and assists with committee functions. The Vice- Chair would assume the role as Chair in the absence or vacancy of Chair position.

Secre­tary: The Local Unit Secre­tary takes notes, posts to WSNA bulletin board and maintains records and minutes of the Local Unit.

Treasurer: The Local Unit Treasurer keeps an itemized account of all the receipts and disburse­ments pertaining to local unit funds and reports to the Officers on the status of the dues. 

Griev­ance Officer: The Local Unit Griev­ance Officer assists RNs in meetings with manage­ment & oversees contract enforce­ment through the use of the griev­ance proce­dure found in the contract, advocating for all the nurses.

Self-nomina­­tions are strongly encour­aged! All those nominated and are inter­ested in running are required to complete a​“consent to serve” form in order to be listed on the voting ballots. Those who self-nominate do not have to complete the form.

Nominees must be members in good standing.

If you have questions regarding the duties of a local unit officer, please contact Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Sara Strite @ 206 – 575-7979 ext. 3065 or at