Negotiation update and change of nurse rep

We met for our fourth bargaining session on Friday, July 7, 2023.  Management presented stats on their financial status and outlook for the coming years.  We will carefully evaluate the data as we assess their proposals, but unfortunately management has not yet provided a counterproposal to our proposed wage scale from last week’s session. We’ve let them know we expect to see a counter when we meet next week so we can continue working toward an agreement. We also had productive conversations about maintaining and expanding the collaborative culture at Island so we can continue to recruit and retain RNs and care for our community.

Watch for a Text from WSNA.

The team needs some direct input from all of you.  Monday look for a text from WSNA asking you to rank your priorities so that we can tell management where to dedicate resources in the way that matter most to you.   

Upcoming retirement - Hanna Welander

I will be retiring as of September 1, 2023.  Grace Jones will be your primary WSNA Nurse Representative effective immediately.  Grace and I will continue working closely to ensure a seamless transition. 

Over the past 19 years, it has been my honor and privilege to represent nurses in many of our WSNA local units at one time or another.  I have worked with amazing WSNA Officers who advocate for nurses and improve working conditions.  Before coming to WSNA, I was a Public Health Nurse.  As I continued to expand my role as a Nurse Representative, it quickly became clear that nurses need to represent nurses.  It is crucial to understand nursing practice in this position.  As I head off to warmer and sunnier climes, I will leave with fond memories of all of you.  

Introducing - Grace Jones

I came to WSNA after 15 years working at bedside in the ICU at UW Montlake and Northwest Hospital. I have been on the bargaining team and have worked as a grievance officer with WSNA. Having worked in both union and non-union roles as a nurse, I believe in the power of an organized group of individuals to make meaningful changes to keep patients and nurses safe on the front lines. Keep an eye on your texts and email for opportunities to meet in person, but until then please reach out to me at 206-552-3096 (mobile) or gjones@wsna.org with any questions or concerns.