We are ready for the first session!

Our first day of negotiations with Island hospital Leadership will be Nov. 12. At that time, we will present them with a comprehensive proposal. Then the real work begins. But your team is ready!

The best thing every nurse can do right now to show management we are united in our approach is to participate in that opening day’s “Button Up” campaign. Wearing a simple WSNA button all day November 12 will alert management that we are standing together in solidarity and supporting our officers at the table bargaining for our benefit. Believe it…. Management notices who supports their officers and they notice the buttons. More information will come out shortly on where to get your buttons!

Help get the word out
Do you like to have news early? Are you good at communicating with your co-workers on your unit about events and things that are going on? We need you! We are hoping to have a liaison in each unit for each shift to be the go between your officers at the table and your co-workers. As a liaison you would be able to hear the news directly from your officers or nurse rep and also bring back to the team issues and concerns that may come up on your unit. If you are interested in being a liaison for your unit and co-workers, then please contact your WSNA Nurse Rep at sdunlap@wsna.org.

Are you a WSNA member?
Did you know that only nurses who are WSNA Members in Good Standing can vote on the contract? If we know anything right now, we all know every vote counts. If you are not sure of your membership status, please reach out to membership@wsna.org and they can help you. If you know you are not a member but want to have a voice in accepting or rejecting the contract, please printout, complete and return the membership application.

Questions or concerns? Please email your nurse rep directly at sdunlap@wsna.org or contact any of your elected officers.