Bargaining update - Day three

October 27, 2022
Bargaining Session

The team and the employer met for our third full day of bargaining.

There was no movement on wages. The employer staunchly reiterated that they consider their wage offering of increase totaling just 8.5% for the life of the three-year contract as being market competitive. The bargaining team firmly disagreed and stood firm at 18%-8%-8%.

We had productive dialogue around multiple topics including work schedules, PTO scheduling, low census, call and overtime, voluntary continuing education, bereavement leave, workplace violence, and float clusters. Your team also put a focus on issues related to ED specifically around SANE premium and travel from the FSED to main.

We reached tentative agreements on a number of issues today, including:

  • Maintaining and sharing a of comprehensive list of each unit’s qualified certification pay
  • Making information about lactation spaces readily available
  • Recognizing recent RN experience from foreign countries, year to year 1:1
  • A bonus for Per Diem RNs who work 864 hours or more per year
  • Language making it easier for full- and part-time nurses who wish to retire to acquire a Per Diem position

The team and the employer have agreed to extend the life of the contract 30 days as we are continuing to make progress at the bargaining table.

Please continue to show your support for your bargaining team! Our next confirmed bargaining days are November 7, 14, 17 and 29.

Your team asks that you show your support by wearing your WSNA shirts on bargaining days. In addition, please send your candid photos of you and your co-workers showing your support to Nurse Organizer, Ryan Rosenkranz at (206) 867-4627.

In Solidarity,
Meri Bukovinsky “Chair”-CDU
Jamie Woodall “Co-Chair” FSED
Vanessa Douglas “Secretary/Treasurer” ICU
Anita Dennis “Grievance Officer” PACU
Andrew Blake-Cath Lab
Kat Banks- PACU
Michelle Killebrew- CV Pre/Post
Kelsi Duncan-NICU

Thank you,
Laurie Robinson WSNA Nurse Representative (lrobinson@wsna.org)