Dear WSNA bargaining unit members at KRMC:

During these challenging times during the COVID pandemic, WSNA is working to stay on top of all devel­op­ments, including Providence’s newly announced COVID policy which, among other things, requires nurses to be vacci­nated or sign a decli­na­tion form and places a morato­rium on large indoor gather­ings and non-essen­tial travel. Provi­dence did not bargain with WSNA prior to announcing this policy. Since this policy involves hours, wages and working condi­tions, it is a manda­tory subject of bargaining. KRMC cannot just imple­ment this policy without first bargaining with WSNA.

There are many compo­nents to this announced policy, and nurses deserve to have their input heard. Thus, we have sent a cease and desist and a demand to bargain involving all aspects of the Employer’s announced changes regarding its COVID measures, just as we would if KRMC suddenly announced any other big change in working condi­tions. We have requested all documents relating to these changes and copies of the decli­na­tion forms. 

WSNA strongly encour­ages nurses to be vaccinated. 

We will send more infor­ma­tion to our members as it becomes available. 

Questions? Contact your Nurse Rep Laurie Robinson RN, CEN at