Kelsi Duncan blog post


"My job, although I truly love it, is exhausting. Physically, emotionally, spiritually...you name it, it's exhausting. I wouldn't trade it for any other job in the world — but I will tell you, I need my time off. I need time to regroup, to unwind, to renew my spirit. I'm a better nurse when I'm not burned out — which means in your darkest and most vulnerable times, when you have the unfortunate need to be my patient — you're in better hands."

"Enough is enough. While Providence and Kadlec CEOs sit atop their ivory towers, making millions in profits — they have the audacity to try to steal from their nurses. I have a feeling, they're going to find out in the most crucial way, that it won't be without a fight. We will fight for our patients, fight for OUR health and safety, and fight for each other. We have to — they've left us no other choice."

How does the proposed PTO impact you? Check out the chart outlining the % of nurses who gain and lose PTO hours based on each year of service.

Have you already signed the strike petition? If not, talk to the Rapid Response Organizer on your unit and pledge that “If it is necessary, I will vote to authorize a strike, join my co-workers on strike and participate in picketing on all of my assigned picket shifts.”

Check out the Op-Ed in Sunday's Tri-City Herald from your bargaining team members Vanessa Douglas and Martha Galvez including video message from Adam Halvorsen.

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Jayson Dick, MBA, BSN, RN, at 206-858-2139.