Make your voices heard

Stand strong with your fellow Kadlec nurses and vote yes on the unfair labor practice strike authorization vote on October 29 and 30.

"I am recommending you vote yes on the strike authorization vote," says Vanessa Douglas, Kadlec ICU nurse and bargaining team member. "By saying yes, you're standing up and saying we don't want to lose our PTO or any of our other benefits that we currently earn. It shows solidarity for what we're fighting for, against the administration that continues to take away the things we've worked so hard to keep."

Watch Vanessa's video message to all Kadlec RNs.

Despite earning $1 billion in profits so far this year, Providence Kadlec's management remain insistent that they be able to cut your PTO and other benefits and have ignored our concerns over fair treatment and safe staffing. Management has also committed multiple Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs), illegal actions aimed at diminishing our power, including interfering with nurses right to concerted activity and failing to bargain in good faith. We have filed ULPs against Kadlec, and WSNA will declare a ULP strike if there is one.

We have scheduled multiple voting sessions throughout two days to ensure as many WSNA members as possible have the opportunity to vote. The vote is being held at the Red Lion, just a couple of blocks from Kadlec. Find the time to drop by and make your voice heard.

October 29 and 30 strike authorization vote location and times:

Red Lion Hotel

802 George Washington Way

Richland, WA 99352

Times are the same for both days

8-10 a.m.

noon-2 p.m.

4-6 p.m.

8-10 p.m.

Please note that you must be a WSNA member in good standing to vote on strike authorization. If you are not a member, you can still join and cast your ballot. Complete a WSNA member application and sign the dues authorization that includes incurring an obligation to pay WSNA dues for at least a year. If payroll deduction is not selected, three months advance payment will be required.


Please submit your questions and potential concerns so we can be prepared to respond at the strike vote coming up.

Your Bargaining team:
Jacob Garcia (CDU), Martha Galvez (Birth Center), Vanessa Douglas (ICU), Kathy Peot (Resource), Marianne Sturtevant (OR), Meri Bukovinsky (CDU), Joyce McMurphy (NICU)

Other questions? Call WSNA Nurse Rep Jayson Dick. MBA, BSN, RN, at 206-858-2139.