March on the bosses


The WSNA staff representing the nurses at Providence Kadlec delivered your signed petitions to the Providence St. Joseph Executive Headquarters in Renton WA this last Wednesday, Dec. 14. In Renton the petitions were received by the executive assistant to the CFO Greg Hoffman. Locally we delivered your petitions with a group of nurses this morning to the Chief Nursing Officer Kirk Harper and Head of Human Resources Toby Sutton. You all have done an incredible job with getting these petitions signed in just a week and a half! You all are amazing and we will be going back to the table to negotiate on Monday, Dec. 19.

Wear your WSNA shirts or union blue this Monday to show your solidarity and support! Upload photos of yourselves supporting your team to social media with the hashtag #KadlecRNsassemble 😊

Negotiations updates will go out as soon as possible following negotiations!

In Solidarity,
Meri Bukovinsky “Chair”-CDU
Jamie Woodall “Co-Chair” FSED
Vanessa Douglas “Secretary/Treasurer” ICU
Anita Dennis “Grievance Officer” PACU
Andrew Blake-Cath Lab
Kat Banks- PACU
Michelle Killebrew- CV Pre/Post
Kelsi Duncan-NICU
Ryan Rosenkranz WSNA Nurse Organizer

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Laurie Robinson at lrobinson@wsna.org.