Negotiation Day Six Update

November 17, 2022
Bargaining Session

Our sixth day of bargaining was on a virtual platform. We have reached the current tentative agreements:

  • Art. 14.2: Orientation language that provides for the preceptor’s input in the preceptee’s orientation process and puts guardrails in place before a nurse’s orientation can be terminated early.
  • Art. 4.10: Preceptor language that limits the type of floating that can occur when a nurse is being precepted (only within the nurse’s float cluster).
  • Art. 6.10.3: Low Census language for units closed on holidays or other extended closure periods that address the ability to work or take unpaid time off instead of required PTO use

Wages, Premiums, PTO scheduling, PTO caps and cash outs, Float clusters, out of cluster pay when units unable to receive patients, On Call and call back language for extended hours, continue to remain hot topics of discussion with our proposals.

Our next bargaining day is November 29. Wear your WSNA shirt for solidarity.

If you have not completed the “Just In Time” survey, please do so. This information is essential in bargaining and what actions we must take as we move forward.

In Solidarity,
Meri Bukovinsky “Chair”-CDU
Jamie Woodall “Co-Chair” FSED
Vanessa Douglas “Secretary/Treasurer” ICU
Anita Dennis “Grievance Officer” PACU
Andrew Blake-Cath Lab
Kat Banks- PACU
Michelle Killebrew- CV Pre/Post
Kelsi Duncan-NICU
Ryan Rosenkranz, WSNA Nurse Organizer
Laurie Robinson WSNA Nurse Representative