Rapid Response Organizers Needed

Enough is Enough #

Our bargaining team has been working hard to secure a fair contract with Providence. We have been fighting for safe staffing to ensure our families, friends, and community get the care they deserve. We are fighting for a safe work place were our providers feel safe and secure as we continue to commit our lives to a broken health care system so we can be there when our patients need us most.

Our bargaining team is fed up with going back to the table and beating their heads against the wall while trying to mitigate losses. Last round of negotiations three years ago, Providence came for your Extended Illness Time (EIT) and said they would never touch your PTO. Now they are coming for your PTO in a way that shows complete disrespect to the nurses who have served their community the longest. What's next?

Our objective for this negotiation is to keep what we have, give our patients what they need, and work to make our hospital safer. That’s it. That’s what we were asking for. But that was unreasonable to a corporation that devalues our providers and sees our patients as nothing more than a revenue stream.
At what point will Providence stop hiding behind sick patients while they continue to gouge our nurses for the sake of making their year-end bonuses!? Enough is enough.

Time to prep for launch of strike assessment

As we ramp up in our fight for the contract that our patients need and our nurses deserve, we have to be prepared for the battle, one that may lead to a strike if necessary. Our next step as we prepare for the launch of an official strike assessment and preparations is talking to each of our 900+ nurses at Kadlec and assess their readiness to strike for a fair contract.

Fighting for the contract our patients need and nurses deserve: Join the fight as a Rapid Response Organizer

Winning the contract our patients need and nurses deserve requires fighting against Providence Kadlec's corporate greed. To prepare for this fight, we are recruiting Rapid Response Organizers (RROs) for every unit and on every shift.

Who are Rapid Response Organizers? Unit nurses who agree to communicate with their unit colleagues to make sure nurses are informed and engaged in the contract campaign.

Why do we need you to join us as a Rapid Response Organizers? The fight for a fair contract may require organizing a strike against Providence Kadlec. Rapid Response Organizers will have the important job of talking to nurses and assessing their readiness to strike to get the contract patients need and nurses deserve.

What is the immediate task at hand for Rapid Response Organizers? RROs will be talking to every nurse at Kadlec about our campaign to win a fair contract and assess strike readiness to protect patients, ensure safe staffing, enhance working conditions and secure the wages and benefits nurses deserve. RROs will also have accurate information about our campaign and be able to respond to any rumors from management intended to intimidate people during the contract negotiations process.

Will Rapid Response Organizers receive support to do this work? Yes! RROs will receive the training and resources they need to complete their work. WSNA staff organizers and nurse reps will be assigned to RROs and be with you every step of the way. They will be your resource throughout the campaign - answering questions, troubleshooting and otherwise providing you the tools you need to do this important work.

In order to reach every nurse on every unit and shift, we have set a target to recruit 40 RROs by September 10.

Are you ready to fight to keep our PTO and safety for our nurses and patients?

Want to stand up to Providence and demand they put patients before profits?

In Solidarity :

Your Bargaining team
Jacob Garcia (CDU), Martha Galvez (Birth Center), Vanessa Douglas (ICU), Toni Ledridge (PAS), Kathy Peot (Resource), Marianne Sturtevant (OR), Meri Bukovinsky (CDU), Joyce McMurphy (NICU), (Anthony) Tony Jones (Cath Lab), Joy Barclay (DI)

Questions?? Call your Nurse Rep Jayson Dick MBA, BSN, RN 1-206-858-2139.