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"As one we fail, as many we will NOT!” Adam, RN

Sign up, show up for a fair contract! #

Infor­ma­tional Picket May 9, 2 to 5 p.m.

In front of Kadlec 

Are you willing to accept… Cuts to your PTO? Short staffing? Inade­quate security against violence?

If your answer is NO, get out and picket!
Your bargaining team is fighting hard, but we can’t win without all of you behind us. Show admin­is­tra­tion you mean business by signing up and showing up.

Here’s what you can do to pressure admin­is­tra­tion by making this infor­ma­tional picket a success:

  • Talk to your co-workers about how impor­tant it is to come to the picket and how impor­tant it is to RSVP by signing up on the picket sheet!
  • Help sign up nurses to picket — we need hundreds on the line!
    If you do not have a picket-sign-up sheet, ask your coworkers or print out your own sheet 
  • Get your picket-sign-up sheet filled in, take a pic of it and return it to our nurse organizers ASAP: Judy Marken 206 – 454-9982 or Tara Barnes 206 – 713-2241
  • Follow, like and share Kadlec RNs Care for Us” on Facebook.
    Let others know you are going to the picket by regis­tering for the event.

One strong voice against Providence’s attempts to put profits before patient safety:

While we’re picketing in Richland, Sacred Heart nurses will be picketing in Spokane. Together, we can make Provi­dence listen – but only if YOU show up and do your part.

Do not forget to invite your family and friends.

If you have commu­nity connec­tions with schools, churches, labor unions or other organi­za­tions, please make a point of inviting them, too! The picket will show our commu­nity how serious and dedicated we are about protecting our patients and our profession.

In Solidarity,
Your Negoti­a­tion Team: Jacob Garcia (CDU), Martha Galvez (Birth Center), Vanessa Douglas (ICU), Toni Ledridge (PAS), Kathy Peot (Resource), Marianne Sturte­vant (OR), Meri Bukovinsky (CDU), Joyce McMurphy (NICU), (Anthony) Tony Jones (Cath Lab) and Joy Barclay (DI)

Questions? Call WSNA Nurse Rep Jayson Dick MBA, BSN, RN at (206)-858‑2139.