Since our last commu­ni­ca­tion with you, much has happened around the recent workplace violence incidents at Kadlec.

  • Assailant charged – We applaud law enforcement’s response in this case. The Benton County Prosecutor’s Office has filed a Second Degree Assault charge against the assailant in the ICU attack. 
  • Ashley’s story goes viral — Ashley Schade, our colleague in ICU who was assaulted, has bravely stepped forward to shed light on this urgent issue of workplace violence against nurses. Her Facebook post has garnered more than 46k shares and 14k comments. 
  • Media coverage – We are glad to see the media atten­tion on this impor­tant issue and proud of our union stepping forward to demand change. Washington state law compels employers to ‘[d]o every­thing reason­ably neces­sary to protect the life and safety of your employees.’ WSNA is committed to holding hospi­tals account­able for following the law and protecting nurses, and all other hospital employees, from violence and abuse.
  • Admin­is­tra­tion response – Kadlec admin­is­tra­tion has responded to our demand for action letter. We are pleased to hear their inten­tions to support the nurses impacted and immediate atten­tion to this serious safety issue. We will hold them account­able in working with our nurses on immediate and ongoing solutions to make Kadlec a safe workplace. Read their response.

Here’s what you can do to assist our efforts to make Kadlec a safe workplace for our nurses and our patients:

1. Take the survey – Thanks to the more than 120 nurses who have already taken the survey. If you haven’t please take 7 minutes to add your voice to our Workplace Violence & Safe Staffing survey. Your personal infor­ma­tion will be kept confidential.

2. Come share your safety concerns and ask your questions - WSNA Senior Director of Labor Chris­tine Watts and WSNA Occupa­tional and Envirnomental Health Specialist Karen Bowman will be holding cafeteria time on Wednesday, Sept. 26 from 7 – 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

3. Be visibly supportive of the issues and each other. Wear WSNA buttons now through our next day of negoti­a­tions on Tuesday, Sept. 25. You can get them from Martha Galvez in the birth center.

4. Show your union solidarity. Take pictures in your units wearing the buttons and holding signs of support for our team and each other (examples: United for Safety, RNs deserve a
fair contract, Protect our Nurses). Email those pictures to WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Carmen Garrison at or text to 206 – 491-9424.

5. Stay informed and involved. Together, we can and must make Kadlec a safe place for our nurses, colleagues and patients. Attend a post negoti­a­tions meeting on Thursday, Sept. 27, from 5 – 8 p.m. in the Ringold Room at the hospital to get the latest negoti­a­tion update and add your voice to the conversation.

From your local unit officers,

Martha Galvez, Chair
Jacob Garcia, Vice Chair
Vanessa Douglas, Secre­tary
Joan Guercia, Treasurer
Kathy Peot, Griev­ance Officer
Toni Ledridge, Griev­ance Officer
Raquel Johnson, Member-at-Large
Carmen Garrison, WSNA Nurse Rep

For any questions or concerns, please contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Carmen Garrison at or at 206 – 491-9424.