Update on extension of Extra Incentive Bonus LOU

WSNA and the Officers have received communication from Kadlec administration regarding our desire to extend the Extra Incentive Bonus LOU that expires on April 30, 2023.

“At this time, Kadlec has decided to allow this LOU Extra Shift Bonus to expire and move forward in a post COVID-19 environment.”

WSNA and the Officers are unhappy with this decision. We will continue to monitor staffing concerns within both the Staffing and Conference Committees.

We encourage you to file an ADO for any unfilled shift that has left the patients and staff unsafe.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Officers or Nurse Representative.

In Solidarity,

Meri Bukovinsky “Chair”-CDU
Jamie Woodall “Co-Chair” FSED
Vanessa Douglas “Secretary/Treasurer” ICU
Anita Dennis “Grievance Officer” PACU
Yaamen Aldaas “Member at Large” 9RP
Zak Gagnon “Member at Large” ICU
Laurie Robinson Nurse Representative 206-620-4136 or lrobinson@wsna.org