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After almost 20 years of service to Kadlec, Provi­dence now wants to reward” me by decreasing my PTO accrual hours, cutting nearly two weeks per year… It makes me sad to think that all you are looking at is the bottom line, and not how you are affecting my life and how you don’t think I am worthy of the PTO that I am earning after giving Kadlec 20 years of service.

You expect and want so much from me and yet… you also want and expect to take away so much from me. I need to ask, why is that?”

How does the proposed PTO impact you? Check out the chart outlining the % of nurses who gain and lose PTO hours based on each year of service.


Have you already signed the strike petition? If not, talk to the Rapid Response Organizer on your unit and pledge that If it is neces­sary, I will vote to autho­rize a strike, join my co-workers on strike and partic­i­pate in picketing on all of my assigned picket shifts.”

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Jayson Dick, MBA, BSN, RN, at 206 – 858-2139.