The hospital has failed to develop a consis­tent process to examine, respond and deter­mine if a specific nurse staffing complaint was resolved. There is not a fair process in place for staff nurse repre­sen­ta­tives and manage­ment repre­sen­ta­tives to vote or agree upon dispo­si­tion of complaints. Addition­ally, there is not an efficient tracking system is in place to document workflow and record dispo­si­tion of complaints.

The hospital failed to follow shift to shift adjust­ment in nurse staffing levels as evidenced by a pattern of more than 60 days unresolved staffing complaints. The hospital has failed to post staffing plans in a public area on each patient care unit and the nurse staffing schedule for that shift on that unit, as well as the relevant clinical staffing for that shift.

Please continue tofill out ADOs! We consider all missed meals, missed rest breaks, and inade­quate staffing to be patient safety concerns because they inter­fere with your ability to provide the best care. Be sure to give enough details on the ADO’s so that we can deter­mine how the assign­ment presented risk, or real harm, to your patient. Examples of risk or harm to patient safety include:

  • Staff not avail­able to provide care.
  • Failure to provide care.
  • Providing the wrong care
  • Medica­tion errors or mistakes 
  • Unsafe, unclean or dangerous areas in the facility
  • Patient injuries or falls.
  • Not following medical orders
  • Improp­erly prepared food
  • Not responding to a patient complaint
  • Patient abuse or neglect

At this time, we do not know when the DOH inves­ti­gator will be on your campus. If you find yourself being questioned, be open and honest. You are allowed to have your WSNA Rep present.

Thank you for of you hard work and consid­er­a­tion. If you have any questions, please contact or one of your Officers.