We reached a tenta­tive agree­ment with the county on an interim one-year agree­ment. The parties had been negoti­ating for several months when the COVID-19 crisis began. While we had tenta­tive agree­ments on a number of issues, we were far from finished. Because the pandemic presented too great of an obstacle for successful negoti­a­tions, WSNA and King County agreed to capture the existing tenta­tive agree­ments into a memo that would serve as the starting point for negoti­a­tions on a full successor agree­ment. The parties then agreed to an interim contract that contains only those changes that were essen­tial for the next year. Those changes include:

  • Across the board wage increase of 1.5%, retroac­tively effec­tive to 1/1/2020; and 1.5%, retroac­tively effec­tive to 7/1/2020.
  • Clean-up of member­ship language as required by the Janus decision.
  • Updated public records language.
  • Updates to benefits and insur­ance language and dates.
  • Expira­tion date of 12/31/2020.

As in years past, the county’s ratifi­ca­tion process is cumber­some. After both parties sign the contract, it goes to the King County Executive’s office, then to the King County Council, then back to the Executive’s office for signa­ture. Ten days later, it becomes ordinance. At that point, Payroll starts processing your raises and retroac­tive payments. Because the process is so lengthy, we have elected to post the unsigned copy of the contract to use as a refer­ence in the meantime.

Your local unit officers, Sean Dumas and Lois Schipper

Questions? – Contact your Nurse Rep Sara Frey at sfrey@wsna.org or 206.575.7979 ext 3039.