On Oct. 7 we will begin bargaining a successor agree­ment. What? Didn’t we just bargain? It sure seems that way.

We had begun bargaining our one-year agree­ment when the pandemic hit. We felt it was best, at that time, to focus on coron­avirus and our work and our families and staying healthy than to keep bargaining. While we did get impor­tant MOUs during that time, we settled on this one-year agree­ment with wage increases (that were recently approved by the County) and which expires Dec. 31, 2020. By the way we should be seeing retroac­tive wage increases and back pay in October.

We have all the survey data from a year ago and know what your prior­i­ties are. We are gearing up for challenging contract bargaining because the County is crying poverty with the decrease in tax revenues related to COVID. We three RN members of our contract bargaining team will work hard on your behalf to get the best contract we can. But we can’t do that without your help.

Here are two ways you can help, with the most effec­tive way first.

  1. If you are not already a member, become a member of WSNA. By joining you will be supporting your colleagues and your bargaining team. Showing the County that we have a strong and united member­ship says volumes. It’s easy to join at www​.wsna​.org/​membership
  2. Make sure WSNA has your best contact info – personal email and cell phone for texting. Read the commu­ni­ca­tions we send you! We will send updates from the bargaining sessions and we will likely need your support in tangible ways, so please pay atten­tion when we email or text you.

Your contract bargaining team, ‑Sean Dumas, WSNA Chair, Lois Schipper, WSNA Vice Chair, Amy Curtis

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Sydne James, RN, BSN at sjames@wsna.org or 206.575.7979 ext. 3004