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Skagit Update

WSNA and your local unit officers were approached to meet with leadership and counsel and discuss proposed changes to your Kronos time clock system.  Leadership at Skagit is moving away from the “rounding” principle to actually pay for every minute you work.  This is still in the planning stages but we are very grateful to have the opportunity to discuss prior to implementation.  We discussed with them the issues around access to clocks, access to computers to complete clocking as well as issues around any changes in the contract and/or processes and policies that this change may impact.  While this is still in the planning stages, rest assured we are advocating for all of you!  We will definitely be providing details and updates once we have received their written proposal and copies of revised policies and procedures.  Please note this will likely mean we have an addendum to the contract to address this (titled an MOU) and that will require voting by you for the members to accept or not.

Please note:  Only members of WSNA in good standing are permitted to vote!  If you have questions about your membership status, please contact membership@wsna.org.  Any further questions or concerns please reach out to one of your officers or your nurse representative Sue Dunlap at sdunlap@wsna.org .

Chart Peer Review

We have been made aware of the chart reviews that are now being requested by leadership that each nurse complete.  While this is a common practice, we also want to make sure that you the nurses are protected.  We have decided to include this on the agenda at our nurse conference committee where your officers meet with management to discuss various topics.  Our next meeting is January 17 so please look for an update following that meeting.

In the meantime, your priority should always be patient care and if you are unable to complete those chart reviews because of a busy shift, please email your manager and cc your nurse representative (sdunlap@wsna.org) and respectfully outline that your patient care took priority, and you were unable to complete the chart reviews.  As always, continue to follow the directions from your leadership until we have further clarified information.  However, it is our stance that the audit sheets should be uniform in composition and not to be utilized for corrective action but as a learning tool only.  Any “corrective action” discussions should always be held between leadership and the appropriate nurse.

Please let your nurse representative know if you have additional concerns or questions.  We will update all of you after our meeting on the 17th.