Negotiations Update

As of Oct. 20, day #3 of negotiations is complete. Your team of nurses is working hard discussing meaningful issues at the negotiation table, taking into consideration the needs of all the nurses in the WSNA bargaining unit. Some small TAs (Tentative Agreements) were made about dues deductions and holiday language.

Other issues currently being discussed include:

  • Workplace health and safety - WSNA proposed that nurses be trained, and appropriate protective equipment be provided.
  • Preceptor pay - WSNA proposed an increase to this.
  • Lactation Consultant compensation – WSNA proposed a premium.
  • Wages – Currently, we are proposing fair wages each year for the life of the contract. In response to this, Management is stressing they are in financially pressing times.
  • Health Benefits – we are asking for contributions to be fair and equitable among all packages.

Management is proposing new classifications to the current makeup of the bargaining unit. These conversations are still active on how this could impact the nurses and what this means for you. Future dates to bargain are being discussed as both parties remain motivated to come to the table.

Questions? Contact a Negotiating Team Member! Amy Cross BSN, RN, and Jan Yoder BSN, RN. Nurse Family Partnership.

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