Our contract is ratified!

We had a great turnout to our ratification vote. More than half of the St. Clare nurses showed up and cast their ballots resulting in an overwhelming “Yes” vote. Hurray, our contract is ratified!!

Our Negotiating Team spent 11 days at the bargaining table. They also spent numerous hours in prep, planning, and time with St. Clare nurses listening and sharing information. I was so impressed as I watched this team push hard on proposals that would most benefit the nurses they were representing, regardless of how a specific proposal impacted themselves.

WSNA Negotiating Team members:

  • Kimberley Russell
  • Tony Endrezzi
  • Jocelyn Rogers
  • Clair Korrell
  • Patrick Williams
  • Tessa Zuidhoff
SC Rati 2019 6

Please give back to this team that fought so hard for you! We have a provision in our contract that allows nurses to donate vacation hours to the negotiating team. Simply submit a PAR to HR specifying the number of vacation hours you would like to donate to the WSNA negotiating team. You have 21-days from the date of ratification to do this.

Want to give back but either do not have vacation hours or want to keep the ones you have? There is also the option of donating money to the team. Just give either cash, or a check, to any negotiating team member; or mail a check to WSNA. For checks please make them payable to WSNA and on the memo line write St Clare negotiating team.

SC Rati 2019 5
SC Rati 2019 7

Please show your appreciation to this awesome team.

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Barbara Friesen at bfriesen@wsna.org or 206-575-7979, ext. 3056.