Session 9 - go team!

Session 9

The picture above is of our negotiation team during day number nine of negotiations sitting below the posters filled with petition cards. We started our day by pointing out the petition cards and then our team stepped out of the room to provide management the opportunity to read the numerous comments nurses wrote on the cards. We kept these posters on the wall behind us during negotiations so management had to look at them all day and understand it wasn’t just us at the table they were negotiation with, it was us and every nurse on that wall.

We have petition cards from half of the bargaining unit, which was a result of all the work the Contract Action Team (CAT) and negotiating team members did. WSNA staff did not participate in getting cards signed and never put out any communication about the cards. What a demonstration of super teamwork!

We provided management a complete comprehensive proposal and were hopeful we would finish the day with a tentative agreement but that did not happen. Nevertheless, management did give us a few counter proposals that showed positive movement.

Although we tried to find a date to meet again soon, both sides had scheduling difficulties due to vacations and other scheduled obligations. It appears it will most likely be the middle of September for our next session. We will notify you with any updates.

Together we are strong, together we win!

In Solidarity,
Your Negotiating Team: Kimberly Russell, Tony Endrizzi, Clairissa Korrell, Jocelyn Rogers, Patrick Williams, Tessa Zuidhoff

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Rep Barbara Friesen at bfriesen@wsna.org or 206-575-7979 ext. 3056.