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Meet your WSNA Local Unit Officers

Clairissa Korrell - Co-chair

  • Clair
  • Favorite thing to do, sleep, read or spend time with family
  • I have 4 kids. 17 AJ,16 Jeff,14 Delaney (going on 40) and 10 Lilly (also going on 40) and 1 spunky Pit bull Freya
  • Favorite Treat: Fruit Flavored Candy, Skittles, Starburst, HiChews, etc.
  • Been At St Clare 8 years. Been an RN since 2003.
  • I became an Officer for WSNA because I grew up in a Union Household. My dad has been a member of the machinist union as long as I have been alive, and I always felt supported by the Union and wanted to be a part of what it means for nurses.

Devon Tallman - Co-chair

  • Devon or Dev, no preference
  • I like DIY projects, exercise and hiking
  • I have a cat and 2 kids
  • Favorite treat… Cheetos or chips and salsa
  • 6 years at SCH, it was my first RN job
  • I wanted to make a difference for myself and the people I work with.

Nicole Sandell - New Membership Officer

  • Nicole
  • Hobby- Crafts & gardening
  • Pets- 6 chickens, 2 cats and a dog
  • My favorite treats/snacks is- peanut butter cookies
  • I’ve been at SCH 3 ½ years, I was previously an LPN for 7 years before that.
  • I became more involved in the union to better understand our contract and to keep my unit up to date with changes.

Jessica Cook - Co-Secretary

  • Jessica
  • I enjoy:
  1. Drinking coffee snuggled up in a blanket on my couch watching shows
  2. Walks
  3. Honestly I am always busy with work and kids so any downtime I just want to relax
  • I have 3 kids (12,8,3) and two dogs.
  • My favorite treats are coffee and anything I don’t have to make :)
  • I have been at SCH for 8 years and an RN for 4.
  • Devon recruited me. Also I think it’s important to be involved and educated on what the union offers and can do for nurses.

Nicole Ward – Co-Secretary

  • Nicole
  • Favorite hobbies
  1. I am absolutely obsessed with plants. During the summer I have a large garden I grow veggies in. Then in winter it's all about the house plants, I have tons.
  2. Pets/Kids I have quite a few pets, 2 fish, 2 cats named Gaget and Sunday, a dog named Oliver, and a tortoise named Donatello.
  3. As far as kids I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my first child, a boy that we will be naming Phoenix.
  • Favorite treat; right now being pregnant I crave coke ices.
  • I have been a nurse since 2013 and have been working at St Clare about 4 years. I recently transitioned from the PCU unit to the ER. I was a travel nurse at St Clare's a few years before I became staff.
  • I became an officer to help represent the ER within the WSNA reps at St Clare. I thought it would be a good way to help the staff I have so enjoyed working with over the years.

Brandi Poggemann - Grievance & Membership Officer

  • Brandi
  • I enjoy sewing and quilting, kayaking, camping, and just relaxing with my family.
  • My favorite treats/snacks are chips and guacamole, fruity candies, and anything else you put in front of me ha-ha.
  • I’ve been an RN for almost 4 years, I’ve been at St Clare for the entirety of my nursing career.
  • I became a union officer because I want to fight for all of the things my coworkers and myself are asking for as well as being information to my coworkers, so we are all in the know.

Anthony Endrizzi - Treasurer

  • Tony
  • I enjoy anything outside.
  • My pet is Vampy, a sweet but bitey cat.
  • My favorite treats/snacks is Ice cream.
  • I have been a nurse since the sisters rode dinosaurs. 13 years at SCH as of next month, 14 as RN.
  • I started my involvement by being asked to help negotiate our contract back in 2013. I became an officer due to my passion for supporting patient and staff safety and advocating for fair compensation.

WSNA Unit Reps

We have several positions open for WSNA Unit Reps. This is the most important position to have filled to have a strong and effective union even though the time commitment is minimal. Our goal is a 1:10 ratio (1 rep for every 10 WSNA members). If you want to get more involve with the union, like to be the first in the know about what is happening, and share it with your peers, this is for you.

If you would like more information about the Officer or Unit Rep positions, please contact any Local Unit Officer or Nurse Rep Barbara at bfriesen@wsna.org.

Overpayment repayment

The Temporary Restraining Order is still in effect and will remain in effect until March 23, 2023. WSNA is continuing to press management to provide the information we requested that includes itemization of the alleged overpayments. We are also trying to get them to bargain the terms of the repayment as well as a process and procedure to manage disputed overpayment allegations.

Manager, can you stop by my office to talk?

Did you know union members have the right to have a union representative with them at any meeting that could lead to discipline? This is a right only union members have. Unfortunately it is also common for union members to be unaware of this right. If you are asked to meet with your manager or find yourself in a meeting and are starting to feel anxious or uneasy listen to your intuition and ask if the meeting could lead to discipline. If they answer​“Yes” then you have the right to ask for repre­sen­ta­tion. If they say​“No” and indicate that you don’t need anyone, listen carefully to what is being discussed. If it starts to feel like it could lead to disci­pline, you have the right to invoke your representation rights.

After the employee makes the request, the employer must choose among three options. The employer must either:

  1. Grant the request and delay questioning until the union repre­sen­ta­tive arrives and has a chance to consult privately with the employee.
  2. Deny the request and end the inter­view immedi­ately.
  3. Give the employee a choice of:
    1. Having the inter­view without repre­sen­ta­tion
    2. Ending the interview.

If the employer denies your request for union repre­sen­ta­tion and continues to ask questions, this is an unfair labor practice, and you have the right to refuse to answer. You cannot be disciplined for a refusal to answer questions without union representation. But may get disciplined if you refuse to meet or walk out of a meeting. So if this happens stay in the meeting but do not answer questions. Let them know you will listen but are going to withhold any comment until your union representative is present.

If you need representation contact any WSNA Local Unit Officer or our WSNA Nurse Rep Barbara Friesen, bfriesen@wsna.org.

Did you know?

Article 5.11.1 Staffing Concerns of our WSNA contract outlines staffing concerns. Here you can find the process to help you back up your ADO (Assignment despite objection) form. If you are feeling that your assignment is not safe at any time or you are missing your breaks, please let your charge RN know immediately. If the issue cannot be solved at this level, proceed to your manager and or house supervisor with the concerns while also filling out an ADO. There are more details regarding this when you read this portion of the contract. Please note that when your manager or supervisor discusses the ADO with you, you have a right to have another RN present and the discussion is to happen on the clock for both RNs. “Nurses who report staffing concerns, including missed meals or rest breaks, shall be free from retaliation or intimidation for making such reports.”

WSNA Convention Scholarships

We are thrilled to meet again in person for the 2023 Washington State Nurses Convention on May 17-19 at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center. That is why your elected officers are offering scholarships to help in the costs.

We will gather at the airy, modern Greater Tacoma Convention Center for three days of education, inspiration, and celebration. This is a time to network, connect, and gather strength from one another. Nurses have emerged from the pandemic more powerful than ever, and it’s our time to harness that power.

An impressive lineup of local and national speakers will address topics like speaking up for yourself and your patients, ending structural ableism, leadership in extraordinary times, self-care, creating a future you want, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Earn up to 11 CNEs, too!

Your WSNA Officers still have four scholarships to cover the cost of registration for nurses to attend the 2023 Washington State Nurses Convention. It will be first come, first served.

Please get in touch with Barbara Friesen at bfriesen@wsna.org if you are interested. For more details about the convention, visit https://www.wanursecon.org/.

Grievance Gallery

While we almost always try to resolve issues outside of the grievance process there are times we are unable to do so and subsequently file grievances. When we are going through the grievance process for individual nurses, out of respect for their privacy, we will not disclose those grievances. The following grievances had the potential to affect multiple nurses:

  • Donning and Doffing

We have a grievance filed that we are holding in abeyance at this time providing the employer the opportunity to do the right thing and pay both retroactive and going forward for the time nurses don & doff the hospital provided scrubs they are required to wear. This time is worked time.

We are currently in the process of negotiating with management to try to settle this grievance. If we cannot come to a negotiated agreement, we will continue with the grievance procedure. Please watch for updates.

  • Low Census

We have a grievance scheduled for arbitration on April 11, 2023 regarding Low Census. Nurses in this grievance that have been low censused out of order have only been credited low census hours and have not been paid for the hours they were wrongfully not allowed to work. WSNA believes if the nurses lose pay because the employer was in the wrong the nurse should not be the one to suffer the loss of pay.

WSNA Committees

  • Standards Committee
    • To develop policies, procedures and protocols, and outcome standards to assure safe, effective, appropriate patient care.
  • Nurse Practice Committee
    • Addresses staffing, acuity systems, scheduling policies, and the effective and efficient utilization of nurses.
  • Conference Committee
    • To help improve communication between employer and employee and to help with personnel and other mutual problems
      • Minutes will be posted on the WSNA bulletin boards
  • Safety Committee
    • Investigates Safety and health issues and advises employers of education and preventative health measures for the workplace and its employees, including workplace violence and response.
      • Workplace Violence Prevention Plan
  • Nurse Staffing Committee
    • Develops, oversees, and evaluates an annual nurse staffing plan covering each shift and patient care unit in accordance with RCW 70.41.
  • Low Census Committee
    • This committee will evaluate and improve the low census process and to insure transparency and equitable rotation. Time spent by represented RNs on the Committee shall be paid at their regular rate of pay. The committee members will determine the frequency and duration of the meeting.

Cafeteria Time

The second Tuesday of each month, a WSNA is in the cafeteria from 1400 - 1900.

This is a time you can stop by and ask a question, share a concern or just say "Hi".

Our next Cafeteria Time is Tuesday, March 14 from 1400 – 1900.

Our WSNA Local Unit Website

We have our own Local Unit WSNA website! If you need to see past communications or get in touch with a Unit Rep, Local Unit Officer, or Nurse Rep check out our page at CHI Franciscan St. Clare Hospital - WSNA.

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Barbara Friesen at bfriesen@wsna.org 206-575-7979 ext. 3056.