Are you inter­ested in attending the 2021 Washington State Nurses Conven­tion for free?

This year, your Local Unit leaders are sponsoring eight (8) nurses to attend the virtual conven­tion April 28 – 29. This will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so hurry and get in touch!

If you have never been able to fit the conven­tion into your schedule or budget, this is your oppor­tu­nity. This year, we’ll have a fantastic lineup of speakers presenting on impor­tant topics relevant to your practice, including how to achieve patient and workforce safety and how to create a culture of anti-racism in health care. Earn up to 8.25 CNEs!

For more infor­ma­tion and to request sponsor­ship, contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive, Hanna Welander, at Hanna will provide all the details on regis­tra­tion and reimbursement.


Thanks for sending us your concerns about the hospital imple­menting tracking devices (RTLS). We have demanded to bargain this because it is a change to your working condi­tions. To inves­ti­gate this further, we have also sent the hospital a request for information. 


In Confer­ence Committee, we brought up that many nurses have contacted us about bonus payments. You have described diffi­culty knowing when incen­tive bonuses are being paid. Manage­ment tells us that there has been a processing change. You can no longer see it listed on your timesheet. Some of you might not be checking to make sure you are receiving them. If the bonus payment is not on your paycheck, contact your sched­uler via email. Let them know which shift should have been paid as a bonus shift. 

Please be sure to always review your paychecks! You are stepping up to help out the hospital and you deserve to be paid for those extra hours! To inves­ti­gate this further, we have requested infor­ma­tion from the hospital. We will keep you posted. 

REMINDER! Survey on Master Schedule Changes: 

If you haven’t taken the survey about your master schedule, take part. 

When meeting in Confer­ence Committee for the past year or so, your WSNA Officers have brought up master sched­uling problems. There appears to be a pattern of changes being made to your monthly master sched­ules by your Unit Sched­uler. While nurses may not own” their sched­ules, the contract speci­fies that the employer will attempt” to maintain master sched­ules. The hospital is required to provide notice to nurses prior to posting of the work schedule regarding any change from their normal sched­uling pattern. 

Our members have told us that month to month, schedule changes occur without notice. These changes have resulted in personal diffi­culty and stress, placing nurses into the position of having to seek coverage for what is supposed to be your regularly sched­uled days off. Some have had to resort to requesting PTO 0.0 to ensure that you get your days off. We are collecting data in an aggre­gate fashion, unit by unit, to deter­mine if there are patterns. We are wondering if this practice is occur­ring every­where or just on some units. We have brought up the Sched­ulers’ workloads, in that the Sched­ulers are respon­sible for an enormous number of sched­ules for Caregivers. This may be a large part of the problem. Thanks for taking time to fill this out. We will continue to advocate and fight for you! Survey closes March 31, 2021, so hurry! 


Inter­ested in greeting your newly hired nurses at New Hire Orien­ta­tion? Come and join us! Every other week there is new hire orien­ta­tion (currently held via Teams) where we talk to nurses about WSNA member­ship, how to access your contract, how to reach WSNA Officers, and describe the gains we have made over the years. All training will be provided and it’s fun! If you’re inter­ested, email WSNA Nurse Rep at


In PPE Committee, we learned that N95 fit testing is required. If you have not been informed about this, please set up your appoint­ment right away. PPE supplies continue to be in the green” zone. If you have any specific questions about PPE, please email WSNA Nurse Rep at

CONTRACT CORNER: Hospital-required manda­tory education

If the hospital has educa­tional require­ments, you are not required to use your contrac­tual educa­tion time. Your educa­tion leave is provided to attend outside educa­tional oppor­tu­ni­ties that you select, such as the NWRNA Trans­forming Trauma that was held on March 20. If you have to complete manda­tory educa­tion, the hospital has to pay you for time worked and help arrange it so that you can complete your educa­tion. This includes prep time. A couple of articles address this. You may choose to complete your educa­tion on a day off and that is in article 7.9. Article 12.5 below is specific to educa­tion leave. 

Article 7.9 Work on Day Off: All nurses with a .9 FTE or above who have worked their sched­uled shifts during a workweek and are called in on their sched­uled day off during the same week shall be paid at the rate of one and one-half (1 ½) times the regular rate of pay for the hours worked. Low census, presched­uled PTO, and manda­tory educa­tion shall count towards hours worked for purposes of this Article. Except in cases of emergency, part-time nurses will not be required to work on a non-sched­uled day.

Article 12.5 Educa­tion Leave: Nurses shall be provided paid educa­tion time per year for purposes of attending educa­tional meetings perti­nent to their role as approved by their manager. These include workshops, seminars, and CE Direct online and educa­tional programs. Online educa­tion outside of CE Direct must be reviewed and pre-approved by manage­ment prior to comple­tion, in at least the following amounts: sixteen (16) hours per year for nurses working an average of less than .5 FTE, twenty-four (24) hours for nurses working an average of .5 to .8 FTE and thirty-two (32) hours for those nurses working an average of .9 FTE and above, provided the number of nurses wishing to attend does not jeopar­dize hospital services. The term educa­tional meetings” is defined as those conducted to develop the skills and quali­fi­ca­tions of the nurse for the purpose of enhancing and upgrading the quality of patient care and shall not include any meeting conducted for any purpose relating to labor relations or collec­tive bargaining activities.

Upon request, nurses certi­fied by ANA or a specialty nurse organi­za­tion who are working in the area of their certi­fi­ca­tion shall be provided an additional sixteen (16) hours of paid educa­tion time per year pursuant to this provi­sion for the purpose of attending educa­tional meetings directly related to their certi­fi­ca­tion. The Employer will provide tuition reimburse­ment for contin­uing educa­tion classes and courses neces­sary to obtain and maintain certi­fi­ca­tion, and for the certi­fi­ca­tion exam when certi­fi­ca­tion is a job require­ment. Atten­dance at courses required by the Medical Center, such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), will be paid at the applic­able rate of pay for time worked. Atten­dance at such courses will be sched­uled in advance by manage­ment, subject to accom­mo­da­tion for a nurse’s previ­ously approved PTO. Where a manda­tory class requires manda­tory prepa­ra­tion including, but not limited to, reading and/​or pre-class tests, time devoted to such prepa­ra­tion shall be treated as quali­fied compens­able paid time, based on the recom­mended guide­lines as estab­lished by the profes­sional organi­za­tion, or absent such guide­lines as attested to in good faith by the nurse in collab­o­ra­tion with the nurse manager.

In solidarity from your WSNA Officers,

Laura Bayes, Chair; Geri Falacy, Secre­tary; Grace Schackel, Griev­ance Officer, Rhonda Tull, Griev­ance Officer; Robin Cully, Griev­ance Officer; Susannah Sharp and Tracy Pullar, Co-Commu­ni­ca­tions; and Darlyce Jerde, Occupa­tional Health and Safety.

For questions, please contact Hanna Welander, WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive at