Nurses will need to request the unused and avail­able COVID-19 paid sick time bank hours if you are in a CDC at-risk group or have an under­lying medical condi­tion. Human Resources has commu­ni­cated to nursing leader­ship that they may not ask, nor do they need to know, the specific reason for the leave, such as a medical diagnosis or your age.

  1. A caregiver who is unable to work due to being part of the CDC’s at-risk group (older than 60 or with an under­lying medical condi­tion) may request an accom­mo­da­tion. If a workplace accom­mo­da­tion cannot be granted, the employee will be granted a leave of absence and have access to accrued time off benefits, including EIB benefits (if applic­able) in accor­dance with the law. The caregiver may also use their unused and avail­able COVID-19 paid sick-time bank to supple­ment this time until the Employer’s Disaster Response is deactivated

Please contact Hanna Welander, WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive, if you have any questions specific to this or any other issues. Contact info: or 206 – 575-7979, Ext. 3035.