WSNA met with Peace­Health admin­is­tra­tion on May 13 and continued our push to secure an agree­ment with admin­is­tra­tion to clarify that nurses volun­teering for the​“sabbat­ical” is equiv­a­lent to standby unemploy­ment, aka a furlough or a short-term layoff, and should be eligible for unemploy­ment. While we did not reach agree­ment on that issue, we were able to get manage­ment to give nurses the option to rescind their sabbat­ical appli­ca­tion by the end of this week, prior to them being processed next week.

As it stands, you will likely NOT be eligible for unemploy­ment under the current volun­tary sabbat­ical program. If you wish to rescind your appli­ca­tion, you can do so before the end of this week by May 16 by clicking on the contact us” on page 1 of the appli­ca­tion or you may send written commu­ni­ca­tion to your manager stating your wish to rescind your appli­ca­tion for the volun­tary sabbat­ical program.

Please stay tuned for additional updates and contact your WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive with any questions.