As you are aware, the meeting that was planned for us to talk directly to our top leader­ship on Monday Nov 2 was cancelled because the DOSH inves­ti­ga­tors were on our doorstep bright and early. They told us that they would be agree­able to reschedule the meeting for Wednesday, Nov. 4. We received word late yesterday that they would again need to reschedule. This time, they say, we are really busy with the continued DOSH inves­ti­ga­tion, and now, the DOH require­ment for manda­tory testing”. We are looking forward to contin­uing our advocacy and demand for answers. The new Manda­tory Testing Require­ment is now added to our list.

They have now agreed to meet with us on Thursday after­noon, but only for a meeting that would include 7 – 10 staff RNs rather than the open invita­tion to the entire staff of the 7th and 4th floor.

We, the local unit leaders, are discussing a plan and selecting the RNs who will repre­sent the RN needs for all. Stay tuned and stay strong!

In Solidarity,
WSNA Local Unit Officers; Dian Davis, Allie Jones, Sally Budack, Linda Burbank, Janet Stewart, Mathew McGuire, Melissa Garcia, Liberty Bolante

Questions? Contact Barbara Friesen, WSNA Nurse Rep, 800 – 231-8482 ext. 3056.