Double Time Incen­tive (DTI) for picking up open shifts on posted schedule, Extra Shift Incen­tive (ESI), and Spot Pay Bonus for Short Notice Shifts has been extended in quali­fied depart­ments through October 2, 2021 Eligi­bility require­ments and the depart­ments included are unchanged.

WSNA is thankful manage­ment recog­nizes the need for more staff and is offering some incen­tives. However, we believe and have told CHI leader­ship repeat­edly that all depart­ments should be included. We also pointed out it is inequitable for only part-time nurses had to work above their normal work require­ment to qualify for DTI. Unfor­tu­nately, CHI upper-level manage­ment continues to be uncom­pro­mising so the incen­tives remain limited to where and how they believe the incen­tives should be offered.

The depart­ments eligible for DTI are as follows: 

  • Med/​Surg 2 South
  • Med/​Surg 3 South
  • Med/​Surg 4 South
  • Med/​Surg 8
  • ER
  • CDU
  • Critical Care – ICU and PCU night shift only

Highlights of the Agreement:

Record your Spot Pay/​DTI/​ESI in the Excep­tion Log on your unit.

Extra Shift Incen­tive $5/​hour. May be stacked with other incen­tive pays providing the criteria for ESI has been met. 

  • The nurse must work a direct patient care shift.
  • The nurse must have an assigned FTE of 0.6 or greater
  • The nurse must work his/​her assigned FTE during the work week in which he/​she picks up the extra shift(s) in order to receive the incen­tive pay. If a short notice absence occurs in the workweek the extra shift is worked, the nurse will be ineli­gible for incen­tive pay

Spot Pay Shift Bonus $15/​hour
Addresses unplanned absen­teeism on short notice. Short notice is defined as agree­ment to work an unsched­uled shift with 24 hours or less notice prior to the start of the shift.

A nurse will not be eligible for Spot Pay Shift Bonus if they are receiving DTI.

Double Time Incen­tive Pay (DTI)
When the core schedule has unfilled shifts, RNs will be encour­aged to sign up to work extra shifts. 

In the event more nurses volun­teer and/​or are signed up for a given incen­tive shift than needed, manage­ment will endeavor to rotate incen­tive shift opportunities. 

To read the complete agree­ment follow this link: RN-Staffing-Spot-and-DTI-Incentives-112920-final-revised-003.docx-11 – 29-2020.pdf (wsna​.org).

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Barbara Friesen at