Informational picket sign making party: Tuesday, Nov. 2

Come in and prep for the Nov. 3 info picket by making some more signs with WSNA! We’ll have all the materials you need, but you’re more than welcome to bring your own posterboard, markers, and craft supplies. We’ll be at the Tacoma Firefighters Hall from 9:30-4. Feel free to bring your family, friends, and kids along!

Can’t make it to the party, but want to make signs at home? Here is a list of ideas for signs on Wednesday:

  • Value the front line, not the bottom line!
  • Nurses outside = Trouble inside
  • Don’t Under-Value Me!
  • Safe Staffing Now!
  • Nurses: Recruit Them, Respect Them, Retain Them With Fair Wages!
  • Called Heroes, Treated Like Zero’s!
  • Skilled Nurses At Your Bedside, Priceless!
  • Recruit, Retain, Respect!
  • Nurses Ready To Fight, Till Patients Win.
  • Patients Deserve Healthy Nurses.
  • Lives Matter, Not Financial Gains.
  • Some Cuts Never Heal.
  • Nurses Put the Care in Health Care.
  • Safe Staffing Equals Quality Patient Care.
  • Nurses Don’t Grow On Trees.
  • Under Staffing Means Delay In Care, Retain Nurses!
  • Listen To Your Nurses.
  • Happy Nurses, Happy Patients.
  • Safe Staffing Saves Lives.
  • Invest In Safe Patient Care.
  • Put Patient Safety Over Profits!
  • Proud To Care For Your Families, Now Fighting For Our Own.
  • Chop From The Top.
  • We Need More Then A Bandaid.
  • You Can’t Put Patient’s First If You Put Nurses Last!
  • Applause and Snacks don’t Retain Skilled Nurses.
  • Nurses Essential For Patient Care.
  • High Profits, Low Wages.
  • Fair Contract For Patients and Nurses.

Questions? Contact your officers, WSNA Nurse Representative or WSNA Project Organizer Grace LaMonte, glamonte@wsna.org.