Lactation Consultants MOU ratified!

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Thank you to everyone who came to vote yesterday and cast their ballot to ratify the Lactation Consultant nurses MOU. The turnout was great, and the vote passed by a unanimous “Yes” vote!

The nurses are thrilled to finally be union and part of our bargaining unit. These nurses went for years being paid significantly less than all the St Joes WSNA nurses simply because they did not have union representation. Their wage increases will become effective Sept. 17, 2023, with wage increases that range from 17% to 51% more than they had been being paid.

During this process they also learned how union members support each other as well as the power we have when we are united. They were moved by what they saw and felt from you and want you to know how much it was appreciated!

In solidarity: Jo Anne Slaybaugh, Crystal Jarvis, Brianna Payne, Matthew McGuire, Emily Nollmeyer, Sally Budack, Shelly Mead, Yunna Flenord, Teresa Kindell, Carina Price, Rachel Wachter, Shannon Suchland

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Barbara Friesen at bfriesen@wsna.org.