We want to thank the SDS nurses for their very compelling testi­mony of what it is like to be required to float to the Main OR without the adequate amount of training or orien­ta­tion. Also, thanks to the nurses who took the time to write their testi­monies that were read by the Team.

Other­wise, it was a disap­pointing day. After WSNA made consid­er­able movement during the last session, it was thought that manage­ment would respond in kind. Unfor­tu­nately, that did not happen.

We will meet on February 1 with a mediator and manage­ment. Stay tuned for the next steps. Be sure to wear your blue shirts and be ready for more action.

Questions? Contact Pat McClure — pmcclure@wsna.org or (206) 575‑7979, ext. 3110.